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Upstairs neighbours using our garden as an ashtray, WWYD?

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DragonTrainer3 · 27/06/2019 07:35

We live in a block of 3 flats, with ours being the ground floor one. We own the front and back gardens, which came with the flat (front is actually an off road parking space). We've never had any problems with our neighbours above before, and we rarely see them as we've got a separate entrance. A new family has recently moved in, and it's causing problems.

They seem to all smoke, which is fine, whatever they want to do with their space is up to them, but they all throw their fag butts out of the windows on all sides, so we've got piles of them everywhere, which is frankly disgusting - I don't want my kids out in that! I've tried cleaning them up, hoping that they'd get the hint, but more just appear.

Should I talk to them directly? Or tell their landlord, as it has to be a fire risk? They're a bit scary looking so while I know I should talk to them, I think I'm just putting it off!

OP posts:
CuppaSarah · 27/06/2019 07:41

I'd talk to them nicely first, give them the benefit of the doubt for the sake of neighbourly relations. Just because they look scary doesn't mean they are. Going straight to the landlord will probably cause problems as they'll be pissed off you didn't speak to them first.

Peachesandcream14 · 27/06/2019 07:42

I'd go round and knock before calling the landlord as involving them might sour any future relations with your neighbours. But they know what they are doing, they obviously don't want ashtrays full of stale fags stinking out their house, but they are very happy for them to cover your garden so they disintegrate and make a massive load of work for you. I'd be worried about a lit cigarette falling on DC head if they were out playing.

JuniperBeer · 27/06/2019 07:43

Talk to them. Hi sorry, I think your ashtrays keep falling into the garden as there are cigarettes everywhere. Can you check please so the butts don’t fall into my garden? Thank you so much.

PeePooAndPaperOnly · 27/06/2019 08:19

They know exactly what they are doing. If you are worried about talking to them go directly to their LL.. Keep it formal

CutesyUserName · 27/06/2019 08:25

Ask them nicely to keep a jam jar filled with water to put their butts in.

heartshapedknob · 27/06/2019 09:16

I’d go straight to the landlord; they probably don’t allow smoking in the flat and obviously their tenants are smoking in there as well as purposefully littering your garden.

DateBanana · 27/06/2019 09:19

Collect the remnants from your garden and post them through their letter box. I had this situation and it worked immediately.

GloGirl · 27/06/2019 09:19

Smokers generally dont care where their ends go. Generally speaking. they're used to throwing them out of the car, down drains. On top of bins.

On the whole I think it's bad habits and thoughtlessness.

So in the first instance I would speak to them nicely and just say that you're cleaning up a lot of cigarette ends can they sort it out please.

If that doesnt work I'd put on a pair of gloves, clean them up and push them under their door one by one Wine

GloGirl · 27/06/2019 09:20

Cross post. Letterbox a much better solution!

PeoniesarePink · 27/06/2019 09:21

Clean them up, put in a clear bag and post through their letterbox.

And keep doing it.

GrapefruitIsGross · 27/06/2019 09:24

Good point about the apartment potentially being let on a no smoking basis!

doxxed · 27/06/2019 09:27

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ for privacy reasons.

Soola · 27/06/2019 09:33

I disagree about making it sound as if you think it’s accidental.

That makes you sound lame and they know you are afraid of them.
You knock, you say, “Hi, please can you all stop dropping your fag butts out of the window as I don’t want them in my garden.”

doxxed · 27/06/2019 10:10

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ for privacy reasons.

CarrieBlu · 27/06/2019 10:16

My neighbour used to throw their fag ends over the fence. I asked them to stop, they didn’t. So I used to collect them up for a few weeks, build up a nice big pile of them. And then pour the whole lot on their front doorstep. Only had to do it twice before they stopped.

mouldyhousemouldylife · 27/06/2019 10:52

Yanbu. Disgusting.

DragonTrainer3 · 27/06/2019 12:25

Thanks all! I’m away for a couple of days, but will go and ask them nicely when I come back, then talk to their landlord if that doesn’t work.

OP posts:
DateBanana · 27/06/2019 12:33

I wouldn't put them in a clear bag. That makes it very easy for them to clear up (and I am not that nice obviously).

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius · 27/06/2019 12:57

I would collect up all the cigarette butts and take them with you when you go to ask them nicely, @DragonTrainer3 - so you can demonstrate the extent of the problem.

AngelaJ18 · 27/06/2019 16:14

This actually happened to me. Upstairs neighbours kept dropping fag ends on the grass outside my property and onto my patio. I had a (loud) rant about inconsiderate selfish people when I got a fag end stuck in my sandal. Didn’t realise they were actually out on the balcony at the time but hey, problem solved! No more fag butts!

DragonTrainer3 · 27/06/2019 16:57

Haha @AngelaJ18, maybe I should have a rant so they 'accidentally' hear, sounds like it worked a treat! And I will @SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius - sounds like it might help my case! Smile

OP posts:
DragonTrainer3 · 27/06/2019 16:59

I just don't understand how people would think it's an OK thing to do though. I used to smoke (a long time ago) but would never have just chucked the butts everywhere!

OP posts:
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