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How to know when the right time to speak in a conversation is? I always feel like I impulsively interrupt!

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Loka123 · 26/06/2019 20:47

Whether it's a one to one conversation or a group convo, I feel others seem to do it where it looks almost rehearsed.. everyone knows when there's enough of a gap to start speaking whereas I try and wait for a pause in their conversation but when I start speaking, I very quickly realize they were trying to start a new sentence but as I've already started, I continue until the end of my sentence but feel embarassed about it!

Do any of you "neurotypical" people have this issue? I've never seen this happen to anyone else :( I was reading a lot about aspergers and I feel I might have it (high functioning type) and this seems to be a symptom of it.

OP posts:
squishee · 26/06/2019 20:53

You and me both OP! On all counts.

Doje · 26/06/2019 20:57

I struggle with this too!

I've also recently realised how often people interrupt and talk over eachother! It's bizarre.

daisydoooo · 26/06/2019 21:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ooooohbetty · 26/06/2019 21:49

Me too. I'm always interrupting. It's so rude.

Mammajay · 26/06/2019 21:53

I do this. I am in no way on the spectrum. I do try to apologise sometimes.

MyFavouritePlace · 26/06/2019 21:53

Me too. I never seem to quite time it right. I do this on threads too!!

CheekyFuckersDontGetPastMe · 26/06/2019 21:55

Concentrate on your listening skills first and observing conversations within a group basis, 1:1 just listen and wait for a genuine pause or open question.

I hate, hate small talk but the above has helped me.

MonkeyTrap · 26/06/2019 21:55

Absolutely! I interrupt all the time and try desperately not to. I wait for the pause and never seem to get it right. I then spend my evening when I’m falling to sleep worrying I’ve offended someone or spoken out of turn!

HoppityChicken · 26/06/2019 21:58

Me too - I've noticed a friend of mine does it way worse than me though (and really loudly) so I have something to compare my own interrupting against. I too wonder about aspergers.

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