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Did you take your baby to playgroups?

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Chopsicle · 26/06/2019 18:52

If so would you recommend them and what age is best to start going if so?

OP posts:
tinytriumphs · 26/06/2019 19:11

Do you mean parent and toddler type groups? Not when they were small babies as they slept mid morning. I did when they were a bit older.

EssentialHummus · 26/06/2019 19:14

There came a point when dd was 15 months or so when she (never mind I) was properly getting bored at home and started to benefit from engaging a bit with other children. I’ve been going to daily activities/groups since. Before then, I didn’t enjoy them and she got nothing out of them afaik. Now one of those things has changed.

meow1989 · 26/06/2019 19:17

When ds was about 4 month we went to a baby Yoga group, rhyme time at the library and a childrens centre group. Now he is one year we carried on with the childrens centre group and when he is too big for that we will go to the toddlers one. We also got swimming lessons. . It's a lovely way to meet people and allow babies to explore new environments and socialise with others. We have made some lovely friends from ours.

Ginger1982 · 26/06/2019 19:19

I took DS to toddler group from very little! It obviously wasn't for his benefit but rather so I could get out, talk to some adults and get some hot tea and toast!

jomaIone · 26/06/2019 19:21

My DD is 14 months and I have been to 1 baby group and although she enjoyed the songs and looking at other babies, I never met anyone that I 2anted to keep in touch with and I am more than happy pottering about at home and going to the shops and meeting friends etc.

Although we have now relocated and hoping to infiltrate the local community since I don't have as many pals here!

Leftielefterson · 26/06/2019 19:24

I’ve really loved baby groups and so has my DD. I started taking her at 6 weeks. We go to:

Baby yoga
Baby rhyme and play
Baby massage
Messy Play

It’s been fantastic for her socialisation and I’ve made friends for life

Camomila · 26/06/2019 19:25

Sometimes, I prefered more organised classes like baby yoga or baby swimming though as I'm a bit shy.

I tried out quite a few, one was really snooty, one was a really long walk, then I found a really good one but we moved house!

He started nursery at 22m so I didnt have to worry anymore about socialising him!

Teachermaths · 26/06/2019 19:28

For adult socialisation yes. I went stir crazy at home!!

Hedgehogblues · 26/06/2019 19:29

Been taking mine since she was six weeks olds. Gets me out the house and socialising with people and gives her new experiences

CameraTime · 26/06/2019 19:30

I went to a few, and enjoyed them. They were all in church halls with lovely helpers and loads of tea. I made some friends - not loads, but enough that I now feel like I have a "circle" of people I can talk to or who'd help in an emergency.

Also go to Rhyme Time at the library, which is good, but people don't really chat, so I haven't met anyone.

I found that once the kids were on their feet it was really helpful to have somewhere to go. And when DS was toddling and DD was a baby, there was always an elderly church lady who'd take DD off my hands while I had a cup of tea or played with DS.

Celebelly · 26/06/2019 19:30

We've been going since a few weeks in. Mostly for me at that age - I have to get out and do stuff every day or I go mad. Now she's 4.5 months we do something pretty much every day - songs and books at library, baby sign language, music session, swimming, baby massage - and she's starting to interact and enjoy herself. I prefer activity sessions rather than chatting groups.

PleaseGoogleIt · 26/06/2019 19:31

Yes, started with DD at 8 weeks. We did rhythm time, messy play and sensory social. It was more for me than anything and I've made two lovely friends out of it and we've kept in touch after going back to work, it's been lovely keeping in touch and watching them all turn 1.

We go to a toddler group with free play and a singing/instrument section now DD is walking. It's pretty brutal and I don't really get to talk to anyone because I'm too busy making sure she isn't getting thrown out of the way by the bigger kids Envy

Pearlfish · 26/06/2019 19:32

Yes, toddler group and also music class and swimming. As others have said it was also about me not feeling cooped up at home as well as for my DC's benefit!

Pimmsypimms · 26/06/2019 19:35

Yes, I took my dd from around 2 years old and my ds from around 9 months. Initially for the social aspect for me as I wanted an adult conversation during the day time!!
I did go to a few that I felt were quite cliquey, so didn't return to those, but I always made sure that I talked to the new starters in my regular groups as I know how crap it feels to be in a group where you're ignored!!

firstimemamma · 26/06/2019 19:36

Is there a baby massage near you op? That was my favourite and suitable from newborn.

ReganSomerset · 26/06/2019 19:37

Yes. I loved them and definitely saw an improvement in dd's confidence over the weeks. Started at about four months.

Cookit · 26/06/2019 19:38

With first - yes, from a month or so. Absolutely essential as I needed some structure in the day and it gave me something to get dressed for. Couldn’t have coped without.

Number 2 - I’m not sure I will until she is a little older, closer to 1 year I think. But things are easier as I know what I’m doing and life is busier and more structured now with an older sibling that needs ferrying around and entertaining.

Rarfy · 26/06/2019 19:38

I would definitely go. Its a great reason to get out of the house and some support from other new parents in the thick of it like you.

Not sure if they're UK wide but some good ones local to me are Hart Beeps and Rhythm Time. We started about five weeks.

Our weigh in also ran a baby social event which was nice but had been cut now due to funding which is a huge shame.

BarberBabyBubbles · 26/06/2019 19:38

There’s two things here really:

  1. baby groups like baby yoga, baby sensory etc that cost about £10 and are to fill your time on mat leave / make friends hopefully. Baby doesn’t need or give a shit about this. Baby could be just as interested in a tree or crisp packet.

2. Baby and toddler groups which are a couple of quid and keep your toddler entertained. Babies there are pretty much always siblings to older child.

I did the first a bit when on mat leave. Only go if you want to. The second i started when my eldest was 18 months ish and I was pregnant again. I needed easy places I could take her and now I go with her and her baby sister. We do something like this most mornings. Before I had 2 we did it less as it was easier for me to do more - drive to national trust places etc etc
MrsL2016 · 26/06/2019 19:44

I did groups more for me when my DS was tiny. Things like baby friendly yoga and exercise classes then once he was 6 months I started going to groups more for him. He started nursery at 9 months when I returned to work and does plenty there 2 days a week, so I dont worry too much about entertaining him on other days so he just comes on errands with me.

Valkarie · 26/06/2019 19:53

I took ds 1 to a group and rhyme time. Only things that I didn't need to pre book or pay for a term for as I never knew when he was going to be asleep. It was more about talking to other adults.

Ds 2 just got taken wherever I took ds1, so no baby things at all.

Chopsicle · 26/06/2019 19:54

@firstimemamma Yes I did baby massage hoping to meet other mums but it was very cliquey and no one spoke to me! 😳

OP posts:
firstimemamma · 26/06/2019 19:56

Sorry to hear that op.

If it's the social side you're after all I can suggest is to keep trying different groups until you find some nice ones. That's what I did. Good luck! Smile

neversleepagain · 26/06/2019 20:01

I took my twins once they could both walk reliably and had dropped their morning nap so at 18 months. We went to one every morning of the week, it was a life saver for me.

Doilooklikeatourist · 26/06/2019 20:05

Went with DS at about 3 weeks old ( a friend with an older baby took us )
When he was 14 months , we moved across country and I joined everything I could ( tumble tots and 2 mothers and toddlers groups )
When DD was born , we just carried on , she went to her first group at 8 days old
Still in touch with one of the mums to this day , and the babies are in their 20s now
One of the tips my Mum gave me ( when we moved miles away ) talk to everyone. Everyone
Just make conversation , some people might think , oh Lord here comes that awful woman again , however someone will think , oh I remember her , she’s easy to talk to
Just smile and say hello , be brave

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