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Need to learn how to drive!

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WeCameToDance · 25/06/2019 08:48

Basically I really need to learn to drive. Currently I am relying on public transport to get around and with a 3 year old with asd it's not ideal.
However, I am terrified. I have put it off for years and years because it just seems like such a massive hurdle for me. I keep telling myself it can't be any harder than my degree but in reality I think it will be for me.
Anyway practicalities wise what do I need? I have a provisional driving license, do they expire? How long does it take to learn? Is it hard? How much does it cost? Basically I am clueless. If anybody could explain the process to me I would be forever greatful!

OP posts:
Hecateh · 25/06/2019 09:21

It's expensive and getting more so - so the sooner the better.

Your biggest barrier is your mind set.

If you want the quickest option to passing your test then learn and take your test in an automatic. There are more and more around and they are so much easier to learn in. All you have to think about is pointing the car in the right direction and that you know how to stop.

It does take time to get used to navigating traffic but you will be taken on quiet roads until your confidence in controlling the car grows and that doesn't take long.

How long it takes depends on lots of things but it's a good idea to book a block of lessons to start with, perhaps 6 or 10 and at this stage your instructor will probably be able to give you and estimate based on how you have done so far. I would guesstimate 20 to 50 lessons but that is very rough some take more, some less. I did it in 10 but that was many years ago and I was able to practice in my partners car between lessons.

I would also try for 2 lessons a week if you can manage it. One a week leaves to big a gap particularly in the beginning.

Maybe even take a weeks holiday and have a lesson a day to get you started

Damntheman · 25/06/2019 12:57

I was terrified too, but you're going to be okay OP! I'm not in the UK so can't help with practicalities, but it's a plus to be able to practice outside of lesson hours, have a lesson at least once a week to keep your hand in. The more you drive, the better it'll feel! And most importantly don't be afraid to swap to a new instructor if the one you've got isn't working for you. The right instructor makes the WORLD of difference.

Let the driving school know you're a nervous learner when you sign up, they should be able to find you an instructor with experience in helping nervous drivers. I had one and he was fab.

Damntheman · 25/06/2019 12:59

It took me 6 months to pass (first time), but Norway's driving test is one of the most comprehensive and complex there is (including night driving courses, ice driving courses, skid test course, long distance course etc etc). In the UK it could take much less time.

Jog22 · 25/06/2019 13:11

Have your own car ready to start driving in as soon as you pass. I left a long gap between passing and own car and got nervous in the interim. The only way you get more confidence after test-passing is to drive as much as possible. I love it now although still need to work on the reverse parking.

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