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I came across this advert which I decided to share as a possible business idea for somebody to use

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Timmytoo · 24/06/2019 18:28

I came across this advert on the Facebook Page representing the town I live in. I often see posts on here asking for business ideas etc so I decided to share it as an idea as a possible opportunity to start something like this for extra income:


Are you a Mom looking for extra income? Are you available at a moment's notice?

Mom's Rescue is a group that will send you a Mom if your little one is sick and no one to stay home. No leave left or Granny on standby we fill the gap.

Your role would be the stand in Mom.


Own transport essential

Must be available to work if called early that morning

Must have experience as a mother

Be prepared to have police check and a home visit.

No age limit as open to older Moms

If interested in being a stand in Mom please leave email address in comments

OP posts:
TinselTimes · 24/06/2019 18:38 emergency nanny then? Those already exist, and they have training, qualifications etc. I’m not sure how this plan would work tbh.

passthestraws · 24/06/2019 18:42

This is kind of along the lines of what I'm looking for at the moment actually, and I'm having no luck!

I said to my mum: I need a wife!

I need someone to be at home at short notice if DC is ill or school refusing. I need someone to clean, do laundry, take the dog out, deal with household admin, ferry around to appointments, order the food shop. There is no such thing (in my price range) sadly!

Timmytoo · 24/06/2019 18:55

TinselTimes - Not everyone can afford a qualified nanny, they organize mothers to help not nannies, hence the difference is you won't need to high pay nanny fees. It's also providing extra income for the mothers themselves.

OP posts:
Timmytoo · 24/06/2019 18:56

*pay high

OP posts:
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