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Wahoo, who's excited for a bit of thunder & lightening tonight?

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Brownbread9 · 24/06/2019 17:38

I can't wait..Grin I just saw the predicted weather map for this evening in the south east.. Bring it on.. GrinGrinGrin

OP posts:
Whatthefoxgoingon · 24/06/2019 17:40

Love a good storm. Do you have a link to a good radar to see the storm approaching?

Bananallama858 · 24/06/2019 17:41

Yes, I love a thunderstorm! I often play the thunderstorm playlist on spotify to help me sleep at night, I find it sooooo relaxing!

onalongsabbatical · 24/06/2019 17:41

I want some! But just checked none coming here - AND we were supposed to have it last night/early this morning and didn't (unless I bloody slept through it, don't think so). South west here. Send it over when you've filled yer boots!

Brownbread9 · 24/06/2019 17:42

Weather radar this one is handy & interactive

OP posts:
SamBeckett · 24/06/2019 17:46

I am in the northwest I think I am in with a slim chance .
I love storms but I feel sorry for all them that risk getting hit by flash floods .

Whatthefoxgoingon · 24/06/2019 17:50

Thanks brownbread

Fingers crossed for us. Not in a flood prone area, so would be happy to take all the rain (I forgot to water the garden yesterday)

minipie · 24/06/2019 17:51

I used to love storms but they wake up DD2 Sad

bourbonbiccy · 24/06/2019 17:56

Oohh Noooo I haven't seen the forecast sorry but I absolutely hate thunder. I think watching lightning can be absolutely amazing, I just wish the thunder didn't have to follow 😢😢😢

I hope you all enjoy it though, I will just find some ear plugs 😃😃

qj17 · 24/06/2019 17:57

Meeeee I love a storm!

GenuineKlatchianPottery · 24/06/2019 18:02

We’ve not long had a gentle bout of thunder here (East coast of Scotland). It looks like there’s more on the way.
I love a good storm.

AnthonyCrowley · 24/06/2019 18:10

I was excited for it last night as per forecast but it didn't happen.....East Midlands. Don't think it's forecast here for tonight.

ControversialFerret · 24/06/2019 18:15

I love a good storm but one of my dogs is terrified of thunder. We were due to get some today but the forecast has changed. The mugginess is awful though.

WickedGoodDoge · 24/06/2019 18:17

We're in Scotland and we had it all afternoon! Grin Got caught out while walking the dog, but otherwise very exciting.

Brownbread9 · 24/06/2019 20:59

Ahh yeah, forgot about my cat - he hates it poor thing. I'll have to find him a safe place under the covers with me Grin

OP posts:
sneakypinky · 24/06/2019 21:19

Nooooooo, DP is away and I've just watched a scary film! 😫

AlbusSeverusMalfoy · 24/06/2019 21:20

We are in the south east. Looking forward to a decent storm.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat · 24/06/2019 21:22

Ooh lovely!

Papergirl1968 · 24/06/2019 22:02

It started here - West Midlands - about 30 mins ago. Heavy rain and a few flashes and rumbles.
The sky went a weird colour before it started.
Seems to be moving away now.

userxx · 24/06/2019 22:04

I was just thinking the sky looked a bit freaky! Best bring the washing in.

Crunchymum · 24/06/2019 22:05

Hoping for the storm - mainly to clear the air - London was stifling today.

Will wake kids and scare the cat no doubt.

Pasithea · 24/06/2019 22:07

Nowhere near here north east. 🤨

squashyhat · 24/06/2019 22:08

Aaargh - not that old chestnut again. A storm DOESN'T clear the air! The warm air rises bringing cooler air in below which is what sets off the storm.

Titsywoo · 24/06/2019 22:11

After last weeks non existant storms here in Surrey I'm not expecting anything. I love a good storm though!

Princessfaffalot · 24/06/2019 22:13

We’re in west London, hope we get some!

KenAdams · 24/06/2019 22:45

East Mids so not sure we'll get any

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