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Help me find another purse/wallet like this one please

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Pursesearch · 24/06/2019 10:22

Name changed for this as it is potentially very outing.

I recently bought a purse/wallet that is also the right size to hold a passport as a gift for a friend who is going travelling. She opened it at the pub when other people were around and was delighted with it. Sadly another friend (who I am going away with with soon) was clearly a little hurt that I hadn’t thought of her too and now I feel bad. Her birthday is coming up so I’d like to buy one for her but it was in an end of line sale in a small gift shop and they can’t get any more.

Does anyone out there know where I can buy one of these? It’s faux leather and finished to look like a slightly worn antique book and just big enough to hold an EU passport + a few notes/ coins and credit cards. I am not too fussed about the colour.

Help me find another purse/wallet like this one please
Help me find another purse/wallet like this one please
OP posts:
HennyPennyHorror · 24/06/2019 10:46

That's lovely...I want one too! Any tags? What was the gift shop called?

KMoKMo · 24/06/2019 10:47

What’s on the label inside?

thedishonthecoffeetable · 24/06/2019 11:29

There's some on amazon, can't see one as nice as the one you got though and also 9n Not on the Hifg Street I like this one
Thinking it might be time to replace my boring A5 concertina wallet 😁

thedishonthecoffeetable · 24/06/2019 11:30

on Not on the High Street, fat finger moment!

Shesontome · 24/06/2019 11:32

The tag says Book Club. When I searched it there were several links to it on Pinterest but none of the places tagged still stock it. ☹️

I can’t remember the name of the shop. It was in a back street in Brighton. I bought one for my friend and then liked it so much I went back the next day and bought the last one for myself.

crochetmonkey74 · 24/06/2019 15:12
AquaPris · 24/06/2019 15:12
AquaPris · 24/06/2019 15:12


crochetmonkey74 · 24/06/2019 15:15
HennyPennyHorror · 24/06/2019 15:19

Website of the design company.

lalafafa · 24/06/2019 15:42
BikeRunSki · 24/06/2019 15:45
lalafafa · 24/06/2019 15:46
ShagMeRiggins · 24/06/2019 15:47

I love how OP says “please do my work for me” and MN replies, “yeah, sure, why not” Grin

Pursesearch · 24/06/2019 16:04

Thank you very much everyone. When I posted this I was hoping someone would say they had one of these they could sell me. I am touched that so many of you went to the trouble of researching it and posting links.

I am happy to say that I have ordered the eBay one (despite the massive P&P charge) so my sad friend will get a nice surprise on her birthday.

Thank you again everyone Flowers

OP posts:
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