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Gardens advice- rental property

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Thertruthisoutwhere · 24/06/2019 09:27

We are looking at renting a property in London for 1-2 years with 2x under 2 DC. We already live/own here so know areas etc but want something a bit more family friendly until we buy a house. We are letting our place put in the meantime as it's going to be too small with dc2!

Lots of the houses I have looked at have paved or decking gardens. Is this I'm any way do-able with toddlers? I envisaged a lawn to put a swing up etc . I've seen some lovely places with decking but will this be unworkable for small kids? I can up our budget/move further out but would rather not.

Can you put down temporary fake grass and is this bouncy enough for trips and falls?

Also if a house opens onto a communal garden is that ok do you think? Dc are 15 months and yet to be born so won't be left at all in the time we are there. (Communal garden is ex LA)


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Pipandmum · 24/06/2019 09:32

Artificial grass needs a base for drainage and isn’t thick or soft enough for what you’re thinking. Many tenants wouldn’t look after a garden which is why so many rentals are paved or decked for maintenance. Could you put a sandbox out? I don’t recall my kids playing on the grass but loved a sandbox. And you could put a slide up and get a rubber mat thing to put under where they come off.
A swing set needs to be anchored to the ground not sure if a landlord would let you do that anyway.

Thertruthisoutwhere · 24/06/2019 09:51

Thanks that's interesting.
Ah I thought swings might just have a spike to secure them which I've seen on Amazon but that's a good point

On that point could gravel be ok too maybe? I've looked at rubber matting and that could be an ace idea!

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