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Family camping at Glastonbury

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TheMichaelScottPaperCompany · 23/06/2019 22:51

DD has an induction Wednesday morning so we’re not likely to get there until Wed night 8ish

I know family camping fills up quickly but how quickly is quickly? And if it’s full where else is good? Bushy?

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Ricekrispie22 · 24/06/2019 06:10

The most common andprobably the best way to choose a camping area is to pick the stage or area that you will be sending most time at. Other factors can be where you park your car, or get dropped off as there can be a massive walk to camping areas, as well as thinking about how much sleep you’d like. Although there is noseparate“arena” andcamp-sitethere are areas where tents are off limits.
The first field you come to if you enter via Gate A is calledDarbleand it is therefore perfect for those who arrive by public transport/coach. Nearest stage is John Peel and it’s 15 minutes walk to the pyramid.
There always seems to be plenty of space on Pylon Ground and there is room between tents to comfortable walk. They introduced compost toilets near this site and for festival toilets these can be quite pleasant. If you have travelled by coach this campsite is fairly near to the drop off point.
Rivermead is fairly flat so easy camping, but on a wet year with the camp grounds proximity to the river it can make it rather muddy underfoot.There is usually plenty of space here for late arrivals.It’s nearest to The Blues stage.
Baileys is relatively small and secluded, surrounded by the super fence and a bunch of hedgerows. The campsite is about a 10 to 15 walk to The Park area, but is a considerable distance to most other areas and stages.
South Park is the southern most camp ground at Glasto, look north and you can see most of the festival from the comfort of your tent. The site is on a bit of a slope in places but don’t let that put your off, its not that bad.
If you want to be fairly close to the Pyramid and Other stage but arriving later on Wednesday or Thursday then Hitching Hill maybe your best option.
Lime Kiln is the most northerly point of the site with an amazing view of the Glastonbury Tor. It’s on top of a hill and it can feel like a few days walking to the night life areas of the festival. This can be an advantage if the night life isn’t your thing, it can be quieter than other campsites because of its location.

TheMichaelScottPaperCompany · 25/06/2019 00:45

@Ricekrispie22 thank you so much for that detailed reply!

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