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What's your favorite really hearty meal?

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Changaroorooroo · 23/06/2019 20:21

I've gone a bit mad on eating plant based low carb food and am getting a bit thin and keep getting colds. Last week I randomly made liver, potatoes and spinnach and I felt like a new person afterwards.

I know it's hardly the time of year but can everyone hit me with their favorite hearty meal for my meal planning this week Grin

OP posts:
gerbilfun · 23/06/2019 20:26

Pie mash and veg or a shepherds pie 😋

lastqueenofscotland · 23/06/2019 20:27

Pie mash and mushy peas
Sausage mash peas and gravy

TheChineseChicken · 23/06/2019 20:28

Shepherds pie

cookiechomper · 23/06/2019 20:29

Corned beef hash, roast dinner, Scouse.

IDoAllMyOwnStunts · 23/06/2019 20:29

I’ve just had Fish Pie and am so stuffed in that lovely hearty way. I have actually taken my skinny jeans off to accommodate my bulging stomach Grin

HollyBollyBooBoo · 23/06/2019 20:31

Roast dinner or rib eye steak, skinny fries, peas and garlic butter.

What do you normally eat? What does an average day's food look like?

daphine2004 · 23/06/2019 20:31

Hairy Biker’s sausage casserole
Beef stew and dumplings
Chicken and veg soup with crusty bread
Ham and pease pudding soup

Ronsters · 23/06/2019 20:31

Pie and chips, loads of gravy
Sausage, mash, Yorkshire pudding
Curry and rice, naan bread
Loads of carbs basically

Longdistance · 23/06/2019 20:31

Sausage mash and gravy 😋 complete comfort food and always makes me feel better. Dh and dc don’t like mash, so that’s me sorted.

Toystorypants · 23/06/2019 20:32

I've just had mince mash tatties and white pudding and it was amazing.

pusspuss9 · 23/06/2019 20:33

a yummy dark red beef goulasch with the meat falling apart

Changaroorooroo · 23/06/2019 20:33

Omg joy.

Why did I start this thread on a train with no catering facility??

I'd forgotten shepherd pie existed! Is it ok with mince? I think my Dad made it with leftovers.

OP posts:
rosydreams · 23/06/2019 20:34

Swedish meatballs with pasta

BishopofBathandWells · 23/06/2019 20:35

Second sausage casserole.
And cheese & potato pie.

Frouby · 23/06/2019 20:36

Roast chicken and all the trimmings including Yorkshire puddings, roast carrots and parsnips, mash and roast and stuffing.

Lasagne. With chips and salad.

Meat and potato pie and mushy peas.

Liver and bacon with mash, onion gravy and garden peas.

All favourites here. Which is probably why I am not thin.

BillyAndTheSillies · 23/06/2019 20:38

Shepherds pie or a massive roast. Roast either has to be cooked by my MIL or in a nice pub. I do a mean roast, but then there's the tidying up after which I hate doing.

Changaroorooroo · 23/06/2019 20:42

What do you normally eat? What does an average day's food look like?

On a week like this when DPs away something like brown rice and veg for lunch at work done in the microwave and then a dinner made of vegetables/salad with a bit of pasta or something. Lots of chickpeas, that sort of thing, sometimes a bit of salmon.

Weekends we eat more normal food but often only have one meal a day. I know that sounds insane but we're out all day most days at the w/e as main hobby is based and shouldn't be done shortly after eating so you go when it's good and often forget to have a meal!

OP posts:
Changaroorooroo · 23/06/2019 20:42

Sausage mash and gravy
Am doing this tomorrow, with buttered cabbage.

OP posts:
Changaroorooroo · 23/06/2019 20:45

cheese & potato pie

I've never heard of this! Is it like cheesey mash?

OP posts:
Whoopstheregomyinsides · 23/06/2019 20:49

Yorkshire pudding, mash, veg, gravy.

doodlejump1980 · 23/06/2019 20:51

Homemade egg-fried-rice made with roast dinner leftovers. Amazing!

KingaRoo · 23/06/2019 21:05

Enchiladas with lots of cheese
Sausage stew with garlic bread
Beef bourginon with mash
Fish finger sandwich!
Mature cheddar and crisp sandwich!

Wish I needed to put on some weight Grin

Changaroorooroo · 23/06/2019 21:12

Mature cheddar and crisp sandwich!

I think my lunches this week are going to be something like this.

OP posts:
SpaceCadet4000 · 23/06/2019 21:12

Spag bol, but add chopped liver to the sauce in addition to the mince. So good.

Roast leg of lamb topped with anchovies. Leftover lamb in a tagine with couscous, or as kebabs.

It's pure comfort food and not a regular thing, but I have got a weak spot for chips, beans and cheese.

Chilli and rice

BishopofBathandWells · 23/06/2019 21:20

@Changaroorooroo It's exactly that - mashed potato with cheese. I mash cheese into the potato, and then grate a load of cheese on top and into the oven. You get a cheesy crust and then cheesy mash. Oh my goodness. Heaven.

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