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Premier inn mattress

28 replies

needsomesleepy · 23/06/2019 15:57

Has anybody got one?

I stay in PI a few times a year and manage to sleep well, however I'm wondering if that actually carries over into the home.

My current mattress is 'firm' rated, whereas the PI one is 'medium-firm' although I can't say I have ever thought it was too soft.

I feel like I need to go and book another trip so I can pay attention to the bed as I never really have before!

OP posts:
HappyHammy · 23/06/2019 15:58

You can buy the premier inn mattress from Hypnos

needsomesleepy · 23/06/2019 16:00

Yes I know, hence asking if anyone has one.

OP posts:
Pyjamaface · 23/06/2019 16:02

I have, it's bloody amazing. Exactly the same as the ones in the hotel

KittenSnuggler · 23/06/2019 16:02

Yep, we bought one for us and one for DS. DH and I work away fairly frequently and usually stay in PIs so we considered the mattresses to be well tested. Far better than lying down in a showroom for ten minutes anyway.

More than happy with them. They took about 4 weeks to arrive as they are made to order.

Cuppa12345 · 23/06/2019 16:03

Too soft for me. I need firm! I didn't sleep well in a PI because of the mattress. And the drunk guy calling someone a cunt loudly over the phone. But also the mattress.

Gatekeeper · 23/06/2019 16:05

I didn't rate the mattress at all...after the hyperbole I was expecting something amazing but it was a bog standard mattress and I didn't sleep any better on it .

Whatdoyouknowwhenyouknownowt · 23/06/2019 16:07

DH has one as he spent so much time in one away with work. It's definitely harder than my Vispring. Better for extracurricular activities. He is happy with it. No problems.

needsomesleepy · 23/06/2019 16:07

@Pyjamaface @KittenSnuggler

Excellent! I was hoping somebody was happy with it.

Too soft for me. I need firm! @Cuppa12345 that's my main worry, I have never noticed it being too soft when I stay in PI but I'm a bit unsure if it will be hard enough for every day use

OP posts:
needsomesleepy · 23/06/2019 16:09

@Gatekeeper did you send it back? I can't see any offer of a guarantee on them

OP posts:
needsomesleepy · 23/06/2019 16:10

Better for extracurricular activities

DH will be delighted if I tell him this Grin

OP posts:
Reallybadidea · 23/06/2019 16:14

DH has one as he spent so much time in one away with work....Better for extracurricular activities. He is happy with it. No problems.

Glad you're OK with that Shock

Tiptopj · 23/06/2019 16:17

We've got one. I find it a little bit firm for me but I still sleep comfortably on it . My husband likes firm mattresses and he loves it

needsomesleepy · 23/06/2019 16:19

Glad you're OK with that

What do you mean?

OP posts:
Reallybadidea · 23/06/2019 16:21

It was just a joke..obviously badly executed Blush

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g · 23/06/2019 16:21

Extracurricular activities could mean having an affair but I took it that OP meant fun and games at home, together.

MillicentMartha · 23/06/2019 16:22

Maybe OP was getting extracurricular and extramarital mixed up! Grin

MillicentMartha · 23/06/2019 16:22

*PP not OP

MrsTerryPratchett · 23/06/2019 16:23

It was just a joke..obviously badly executed

I thought it was funny.

Tink1990 · 23/06/2019 16:27

Hw much are they? I would love one!

Reallybadidea · 23/06/2019 16:28

Thanks @MrsTerryPratchett 🙈

MrsTerryPratchett · 23/06/2019 16:35
Whatdoyouknowwhenyouknownowt · 23/06/2019 16:44

Ha, ha, no OW issues. Blushes, as obv something lost in translation!

Whatdoyouknowwhenyouknownowt · 23/06/2019 16:45

I think I needed more paragraphs!

Peterpiperpickedwrong · 23/06/2019 16:47

Best ever hotel bed I slept in was in a recently refurbish Novotel. I looked up the cost of the mattress once we got home......£1,430 Sad
£525 for a premier inn king size seems a good price, I will have to give them a try next time we go away.

Crusoe · 23/06/2019 16:49

We have one - ‘‘tis very good!

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