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Best fluffy scone recipe and best carrot cake muffin recipes please!

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BenWillbondsPants · 23/06/2019 10:57

There are a million of them online and I can't decide.

I like a fluffy scone!

And an amazing carrot cake muffin.

Help me MNetters, hit me with the best please.

OP posts:
IDoAllMyOwnStunts · 23/06/2019 11:01

This is the best scone recipe and I’ve made hundreds. Absolutely foolproof. Never use a rolling pin with them just squash the mixture down lightly with your hands.

EssentialHummus · 23/06/2019 11:02

I’m just lurking here quietly because carrot cake muffins sound like my kind of party.

BenWillbondsPants · 23/06/2019 11:21

@IDoAllMyOwnStunts are these as nice if I leave the fruit out? I love a plain scone - fruit has no place in my scones! Grin

OP posts:
IDoAllMyOwnStunts · 23/06/2019 11:58

I’ve not tried without fruit but I’d guess they’d be good and may rise more as fruit can add weight to the mixture? Give it a go!!

Bloodybridget · 23/06/2019 12:35

Nigella Lawson's recipe, Lily's Scones, works very well for me.

Bloodybridget · 23/06/2019 12:36

They are plain scones. I can't remember if she puts any sugar in them, I do put a bit in.

TreacleMoon123 · 23/06/2019 13:35

Rachel Allen's light sweet scones are gorgeous.

Raera · 23/06/2019 14:04

I do this one. I think it's the lemon juice in the milk that makes the difference. I use a splash from a bottle of lemon juice.

NannyR · 23/06/2019 14:09

I use the nigella recipe mentioned above for scones. The trick to really light scones is to handle the dough as little as possible. Just bring the ingredients together, don't knead it, then form it into two flat rounds and cut into wedges. This makes quite rustic looking scones, but they taste delicious.

BenWillbondsPants · 23/06/2019 16:12

Ok we're good for the scones, what about the carrot cake muffins?

OP posts:
TheArtfulScreamer1 · 23/06/2019 17:02

I've made muffins with this mix before and they turned out well IIRC I cut the tops off put cream cheese filling on and then rested the top back on another time I put less mix in the muffin case and then covered the smaller cooked muffins in cream cheese and topped with half a walnut.

TheArtfulScreamer1 · 23/06/2019 17:05

I also add sultanas to the above recipe and I'm heavy handed with the spices but that's my personal tastes

peridito · 23/06/2019 17:10

sounds doable ,even for me !

Haggisfish · 23/06/2019 17:14


BenWillbondsPants · 23/06/2019 17:31

Ideal @TheArtfulScreamer1 thank you!

OP posts:
TheRattleBag · 23/06/2019 17:41

This is the carrot cake recipe I always use:

For the cake…

2 cups / 9 oz self raising flour
2 cups / 14 oz sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 ½ teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons cinnamon

Mix all of the above together in large bowl.

Add 1 cup vegetable oil
4 beaten eggs.

Mix thoroughly.

Add 1 small tin crushed pineapple (125mls) with juice
(or a little tin of pineapple rings, chopped up – don’t forget to include the juice)
Half cup chopped walnuts (optional) – you might want some extra ones to put on top of the icing.
2 cups grated carrot (approx 4 carrots)

Mix thoroughly and pour into a large greased or lined cake tin.
Bake at 180C / 350F / Gas mark 4 until a toothpick comes out clean – approx 35 - 40 mins, but sometimes takes a little longer…leave it in the oven till it passes the toothpick test.

For the icing…

4 oz softened cream cheese – full fat (or it’ll taste funny)
2 oz softened butter
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
6 - 8 oz icing sugar (possibly more needed)

Combine all ingredients and beat icing sugar in until it forms a fairly stiff consistency.
Spread over cake when cold.

(I don't always put butter in the frosting, and adjust the other quantities to taste).

It's a very sloppy batter, so don't panic! Works well as a cake or muffins. Muffins take 20-25 mins.

cantfindname · 23/06/2019 17:58

Another vote for the Mary Berry recipe. What makes the difference is the egg, not many recipes include that.

Also agree don't roll, just gently pat them into shape.

utterflapdoodle · 23/06/2019 18:23

This is the best scone recipe I've come across and I've tried lots over the years. They rise beautifully.

It's essential to use buttermilk. The acidity helps the mixture to rise without having to use tons of baking powder.

Reallybadidea · 23/06/2019 18:34

I use the good food recipe, but rather than buttermilk I use half yogurt, half milk. Yogurt is also acidic and IME works just as well.

RobinHumphries · 23/06/2019 18:39
BenWillbondsPants · 23/06/2019 21:14

I'm going to have to try all of these recipes now and report back!

It's funny how recipes can vary so much isn't it. Mary's scone recipe has sugar and the Angela Nilson one doesn't so they must taste completely different!

OP posts:
BenWillbondsPants · 23/06/2019 21:21

Oh they do have sugar in them I'm talking crap ...

OP posts:
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