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Just noticed the @ feature!

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Asta19 · 22/06/2019 10:05

I went to respond to a particular poster on another thread and after I typed the @ it came up with a drop down of everyone who had already posted on the thread. Is this new? I’ve never seen it before. Makes it so much easier to respond to a particular person.

OP posts:
AnneOfCleavage · 22/06/2019 10:37

@Asta19 oh thank you OP I didn't know about this feature either 😁👏👍🏻 - will make me confident I've spelled the name right now as I always go and check after I've posted.

Asta19 · 22/06/2019 10:38

Yes me too! Some people’s names are really tricky!

OP posts:
x2boys · 22/06/2019 10:54

It doesn't for me I do use the @ to highlight someone's name but I have to type the name myself ,Sad

LemonRedwood · 22/06/2019 10:56

I noticed it happened around the same time they made the bookmark feature nice and prominent on the mobile site. I doubt that will stop placemarkers though!

x2boys · 22/06/2019 11:00

What are you all using? ,I'm on a tablet it doesn't seem to be available to me Envy

Asta19 · 22/06/2019 11:01

I’m on an iPad.

OP posts:
x2boys · 22/06/2019 11:02

Ah I have found it apologies Blush

Fuzzyend · 22/06/2019 11:02

@Asta19 - oooooo it works!!

Horsemad · 22/06/2019 11:02

Oh, that's a handy little feature!

Tiredmumno1 · 22/06/2019 11:38

@Asta19 thank you, very handy. I always hated trying to remember the spellings of some usernames, so much easier Smile

EMacCoffee · 22/06/2019 11:41

This isn't completely new, has been around for a while, but it's easier now.

Coil · 22/06/2019 12:04

@Asta19 It's great!

cleanasawhistle · 22/06/2019 12:06

@Asta19....thank you,I didnt know about this either

longwayoff · 22/06/2019 12:18

@ o bother, not on this tablet

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