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What is it you like about boys?

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Whatareyourthoughtsonthis · 22/06/2019 08:53

If you want to have boy children, or have had boy children, and that’s what you would have chosen, what is it that made you want boys more than girls? This is really not a ‘down-with-the-girls’ question and I’m aware many mothers have or had no preference at all, but I am just interested in your thoughts . Please describe what it is you like about the male gender as a child or what you perceive about boys to be particularly attractive (this can include stereotypes and preconceptions that obviously aren’t necessarily true for all, but are real to you at point of particularly wanting a boy[s]). Please keep your posts about boys and not why you’re pleased you had girls. Thank you.

OP posts:
Whatareyourthoughtsonthis · 23/06/2019 00:07

Ps. And thanks , yes, lots of sensible comments on here about personalities being more of an influential factor than gender. I certainly believe I’ll grow into the parent they need me to be so I can help them become their best selves. Hopefully considerate men who aren’t afraid to talk about feelings, who have a social conscience, and who are comfortable in their own skin. I’ll try my best and other factors will also play a large part.

OP posts:
Ambydex · 23/06/2019 00:27

I've always found this thing about wanting both a boy and a girl a bit odd.

Of course children are first and foremost just children, but if I were a small boy I would love to have brothers. Of the handful of families I know where the siblings have stayed really close as adults, well over half are 3 same sex siblings.

SisterA · 23/06/2019 00:31

I didn't know whether I was having a boy or girl but was deep down very relieved when I had a boy because I can't do nice hair to save my life and part of me dreaded having to learn. So I guess. Cause I'm lazy?!

Strokethefurrywall · 23/06/2019 00:36

I never had any preconceived notions about raising sons (and I have 2).

I would have been beyond overjoyed with 3 boys, not because of what I thought they would be like but because of what I would be like - I had visions of myself as a fantastic matriarch in my dotage, fussing in the kitchen preparing huge feasts as my strapping sons tower over me whilst I fuss and cluck.

For me, it was never the sex of my children but the number - I always wanted 3, I have 2. Am I disappointed? Absolutely not.

Would I have loved a daughter to add to my brood? Absolutely, but more for DH that me. My DH is one of 2 boys, his cousins are 2 boys, his dad is one of 2 boys. He only has a male view of the world. I figured having a daughter to see the world through would give him a little bit more forethought than he currently has as a male in a mans world.

GivemeGinandTonic · 23/06/2019 00:44

I have two sons with a decent age gap. Most people with mix or ds’s say how lucky! Seems to be this inherent understanding that boys are so loving caring etc - which they are. I just feel blessed to have two kids at all, very lucky to have two very wonderful loving caring sons.

CilantroChili · 23/06/2019 01:02

My boy is the most affectionate, loving and kind-hearted soul
He’s fun and funny, gregarious, gets on with everyone, and fascinated with the world
I feel so lucky to have him

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