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Providing a recycling bin

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MrsShaff · 21/06/2019 23:28

I started working at a special school about 2 weeks ago. Part of my job is to assist the children during their meal times. Children are encouraged to tidy themselves after eating. The dinner hall has 1 bin where children put all food waste/plastic packets/yogurt pots/ juice boxes etc. This really bothers me as with a little encouragement children can sort their waste in to two bins, one for food waste and other for recycling/ plastic. With younger children staff do the tidying up so it's a doable task. But I'm not sure about saying anything to my manager, because I'm new and I have a feeling the staff might not like it because this could be an additional task to an already stressful meal times. I would appreciate any opinion/advice, if you are working in a similar environment. Thank you.

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Mac47 · 22/06/2019 00:09

The problem many schools have is that the LA does not collect their separate waste. It is worth asking of it is a possibility, certainly not overstepping any lines, but if the facilities are not available, who would do the recycling?
I totally agree by the way, absoluteky criminal. My dd at about 6 went through a phase of collecting all recyclables and bringing them home for me, until I had to put a stop to the vast amounts she brought home..

MrsShaff · 22/06/2019 10:43

The problem many schools have is that the LA does not collect their separate waste.

I didn't think about this. I do know my daughter's school they recycle their plastic waste so assumed it's the same with all other schools.

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