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Hideous crows feet but I'm breastfeeding. (Pic)

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Worththewait2019 · 21/06/2019 14:08

I'm so depressed with my hideous crows feet.

Is there anything I can do or use whilst breastfeeding to disguise them or make them look better?

When I've finished BF I'm going to try Botox or fillers but obviously this isn't an option until I've finished.

So depressed with them :(

Hideous crows feet but I'm breastfeeding. (Pic)
OP posts:
Unshriven · 21/06/2019 14:10

Does breastfeeding affect filers/botox? How?

Live with it and wait I guess. No one is going to die.

Soola · 21/06/2019 14:14

Nothing topical by way of lotion or potion is going to help.

Wearing sunglasses all year round will help it worsening.

You could look into laser or skin tightening using radio frequency.

After you have finished breast feeding I don’t think Botox and fillers will be the answer either. You would be looking at perhaps an upper face life or mini face lift.

Soola · 21/06/2019 14:15

So you wear sunblock every day?

Are you hydrated? You look dehydrated to me.

Worththewait2019 · 21/06/2019 14:18

A face lift?! Good god I'm even worse than I thought ☹️☹️

Yes I'm hydrated, I drink at least 2 litres a day if not more. This photo was after I've done a garnier moisture boost mask & use Elemis collagen eye masks!

So depressing :(

OP posts:
Worththewait2019 · 21/06/2019 14:20

This is me not smiling. The first photo is me smiling.
I don't think I'm quite ready for a face lift as even though I still have some faint lines it's not bad if I don't smile. And after the face lift comment I'm not smiling ever again!!

Hideous crows feet but I'm breastfeeding. (Pic)
OP posts:
Soola · 21/06/2019 14:24

A photo captures you in stone as it were. Unless someone is up close staring at you whilst you keep completely still you are not going to appear like that to everyone!

I think you run the risk of throwing money away on treatments etc when it’s only surgery that will produce the perfect results.

I don’t think fillers is the right direction for you and Botox will only do so much
Unless you go overboard then you will have a frozen mask like face.

Do look at skin tightening with laser though and only go to someone reputable.

Unshriven · 21/06/2019 14:25

You look pretty thin. Have you lost weight through breastfeeding?

Maybe it's a temporary thing.

PolkadotLollipop · 21/06/2019 14:30

Retinol of a decent strength (not prescription strength around the thin eye area).

Broad spectrum sunscreen every day all year round.


Minimal make up around the eye area (concealer/foundation), less to sink in or cake in the lines and accentuate them.

They don’t look bad in the non-smiling picture though. Just like pretty normal lines. How old are you?

PolkadotLollipop · 21/06/2019 14:31

And YY to lack of subcutaneous fat in the face, that will also accentuate any lines.

Soola · 21/06/2019 14:32

Have a read here

I love a tan but I keep my face out of the sun whilst sunbathing, always have and I wear sun block all year round as well as sunglasses.

If you are not a vegetarian you could benefit from taking collagen.

Product example -

I would also make sure you are using a hyaluronic acid serum and cream to plump up the very fine lines.

Worththewait2019 · 21/06/2019 14:54

I'm 42

I do use hylaronix acid serum and moisturiser.

Yes I'm less than 8 stone now and pre pregnancy. No big weight loss though.

Botox worked perfectly before I started trying to conceive so I'm going to do that again or fillers when I've stopped bf. it's just now I need some fix.

OP posts:
Worththewait2019 · 21/06/2019 14:56
  • hyaluronic
OP posts:
Soola · 21/06/2019 14:58

My perfect eyes? You’d have to try your best not to laugh or smile though.

Tuktuktaker · 21/06/2019 15:00

I have no idea why I know this. Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge uses this gel/serum to great effect. If you can afford it. Presumably not toxic whilst breastfeeding.

M3lon · 21/06/2019 15:26

Your eyes look fine.

You don't need to do anything about them except respect the fact they enable you to see the world...which is rather more important than the skin around them.

Ohyesiam · 21/06/2019 15:29

Look up face exercises for crows feet, mine are hugely improved. Trying to remember the name of the woman’s videos. An American. Oh yes Carolina facial fitness.

BiscuitDrama · 21/06/2019 15:31

Normal for your age I think. You need to compare with some friends.

Thecowinthemeadowgoesmoo · 21/06/2019 15:53

Have a look into CACI, it's a non surgical face-lift using electrical pulses. I'm no expert in it but I used to work in a salon that offered it and it was very popular.

Anothertempusername · 21/06/2019 16:00

OP you have absolutely normal lines for someone your ages when smiling. My crows feet are exactly the same when I smile and I'm 34. I call them smile lines. When you don't smile you can hardly see them at all.

And to the PP who suggested a face lift, nice.

Sammi38 · 21/06/2019 16:26

The facelift comment is crazy!

It’s totally normal OP, I have lines like that when I smile and I’m 38, they’re not really crows feet as you can’t even see them when your face is not smiling. Crows feet tend to stick around in all facial expressions.

There’s nothing wrong with having a face that shows expression.

Worththewait2019 · 21/06/2019 16:40

Thank you everyone- made me feel slightly better after the facelift suggestion!

OP posts:
Soola · 21/06/2019 16:45

Op was asking how to get rid of them. I have seen many women spend lots of money and waste time on all sorts of products and a face lift really is the only way to erase those wrinkles altogether!

It was not meant as an unkind comment but as a practical statement to save the op time and money.

Sometimes we have to accept that some things cannot be remedied by magic lotions and potions!

I also made suggestions for cheaper and less invasive options such as laser.

Soola · 21/06/2019 16:52
GreasedPiglet · 21/06/2019 16:58

I know this is on Style and Beauty on MN, but they're laughter lines. They mean that you live your life, and that you laugh, and that you're getting older. You don't need to do anything about them; you look beautiful as you are.

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