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Family Court

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Celt68 · 20/06/2019 15:17

I’m applying for shared residency for my son, all parties agree etc but my solicitor had told me she’ll do all talking at court etc etc but because I have anxiety I’m worrying, how long will I be trapped there etc etc? Has anyone experienced family court and can tell me what to expect?

OP posts:
StrongerThanIThought76 · 20/06/2019 16:55

Try not to let this overwhelm you op. Family court in my experience is not some scary law and order court room, just you, the judge and your solicitor(s).
If you're both in agreement it shouldn't take too long at all, sounds fairly simple and straightforward. Might be a bit of hanging around beforehand but this will give you chance to familiarise yourself with the building and speak to your solicitor.

Are you able to call in at the court for a look around before your court date?

BonnieBelleStarr · 20/06/2019 19:04

Do people actually have a look round the court before they attend? It's not a school viewing or anything Hmm

Celt68 · 20/06/2019 20:00

I didn’t even realise you were allowed to do that, great idea. Thank you

OP posts:
Bumblenut · 20/06/2019 21:04

You’ll be at court but it will feel like being in an ordinary office room (the judge’s to be precise). It’s just a table for you, your ex and solicitors yo sit at, and the judge at his own desk next to the table. There’s no dock or swearing of oaths etc. You’re there to try and reach an agreement - no one’s on trial. How long you’ll be there for will depend on if/how easily you can reach an agreement. Could be anything from half an hour to a few hours (going in and out round the judge’s other appointments). If you’ve agreed in principle it should be pretty quick.

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