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DPD have lost my parcel

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Loletta · 19/06/2019 21:21

I could do with some advice. I bought a pair of shoes costing 90 Euros from France at the beginning of June. It's a small company that I discovered while on holiday in Paris called Accessoire Diffusion. I got an email the following day advising that the parcel had been sent with Colissimo. I assumed it would take a while to arrive as it would come through with Royal Mail. Yesterday I decided to contact the company to find out if there was a tracking number. I got a reply in French with a Colissimo/DPD tracking number. When I try to track on DPD it tells me that there's a problem with the delivery - see attachment. I tried to contact DPD and ask where the parcel was. They pretty much admitted that they don't know where it is. When I asked if they could look for it, you won't believe the reply I got! They said they won't open an investigation to see where it is because the parcel has been last scanned more than 48 hours ago. Apparently, they can only open an investigation if the sender asks them to look for it if it's been more than 48 hours since the last scan Confused. What the hell?
The French company hasn't replied to my email asking them to contact DPD. Their phone number doesn't work. What do I do?? DPD basically say they have my parcel but can't be arsed to look for it. I'm so angry!

DPD have lost my parcel
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FrenchSchnoodle · 19/06/2019 21:47

I've had cause to raise a number of complaints with DPD. They have been pretty awful.

I ended up contacting the CEOs and then my complaints were dealt with by the senior management team. My complaints were based on a number of lies about the parcel/where it was/wasn't and a couple of staff who behaved dreadfully.

In my experience they've been simply awful. I can deal with delays if I'm kept updated, I can't deal with lies. I never knowingly order from a company who uses DPD to deliver.

I wish you luck, maybe escalate the complaint. Don't give up, don't speak to the call centres, put everything in writing.

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