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Kids party - is beige food ok?

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Namechangedtoprotect · 18/06/2019 20:27

28 kids and approx 15 adults. Was planning to hit Iceland and do a sea of beige so mini pizza, sausage rolls, cheese and onion rolls. Bread and cut up carrots, cucumber etc with houmous. Lots of crisps. Can you serve chicken nuggets cold? I'm doing it in a hall so needs to be precooked and served.
Also on a bit of a budget :-)

OP posts:
ILiketheNiceCereal · 18/06/2019 20:30

Sounds like normal party food to me!

ILoveAnOwl · 18/06/2019 20:30

Sounds fine to me. I've served cold chicken nuggets and no one seemed to mind.

Ihatemyseleffordoingthis · 18/06/2019 20:32

apart from cold nuggets (which is apparently a thing with tween daughters mates to have in their lunchboxes, vom) it sounds like food of the gods. I'd not get mini pizza but big ones you can cut up.

Leeds2 · 18/06/2019 20:33

Sounds good to me! And nothing wrong with cold chicken nuggets.

Maybe add cherry tomatoes and grapes, if you want to add a bit of colour to it.

Namechangedtoprotect · 18/06/2019 20:34

Yes I'll do token fruit and veg :-)

OP posts:
PickAChew · 18/06/2019 20:37

It's pretty much mandatory.

ChippyMinton · 18/06/2019 20:41

Don’t forget the party rings and pink wafers.

listsandbudgets · 18/06/2019 20:45

Oh no it mustn't be entirely beige. You've forgotten the party rings and pink wafer biscuits :)

HigaDequasLuoff · 18/06/2019 20:48

To help with the "eating a rainbow" I suggest some nice orange wotsits or monster munch, and some green gummy bears.

Namechangedtoprotect · 18/06/2019 20:51

I'm doing rainbow cake and rainbow cupcakes with haribo rainbows on them as well. Lots of colour

OP posts:
user1474894224 · 18/06/2019 20:53

@ChippyMinton - just what I was going to say!!

listsandbudgets · 18/06/2019 20:57

Sorry chippyminton I forgot to hit refresh before I posted

IHaveBrilloHair · 18/06/2019 21:44

Yes, can I come please?

NauseousNancy · 18/06/2019 21:46

I wouldn’t bother with the fruit & veg - in my experience it never gets eaten. I mean, I wouldn’t eat a cherry tomato when there’s a party ring on offer!!

BarbaraofSevillle · 18/06/2019 21:50

Cheese and pineapple hedgehog is always popular and is practically health food due to dairy and fruit.

Zebrasinpyjamas · 18/06/2019 21:52

I wouldn't bother with the veg and hummus, especially as you are on a budget. It won't get touched beyond a few token bits so it's a waste.
Definitely but big pizzas and cut them up. They taste nicer and work out cheaper.
I would also only do 2 out of 3 of sausage rolls, cheese and onion rolls and bread.

RippleEffects · 18/06/2019 21:57

Something I've done that's been cheap, easy and gone down well is a variation on those build your own sandwich snack packs. A loaf of thin sliced bread cut into small rounds using a biscuit cutter, small round crackers, wafer thin ham cut into rounds with same or smaller biscuit cutter, cheese sliced and cut into rounds. Mine, and quite surprisingly many others liked the mini cucumbers sliced into tiny rounds and halved cherry tomatoes on their mini sandwiches too.

I freeze the meat trimmings for bulking up a tomato pasta sauce or pizza topping and as a bit of an over economist (war babies daughter) grate the surplus cheese and breadcrumb the bread crusts/ trimmings.

Ihatemyseleffordoingthis · 18/06/2019 22:15

pizza and crisps is all any of us want tbf

Deadheadstickeronacadillac · 18/06/2019 22:20

Trail mix...popcorn, m&m's or smarties, mini marshmallows, always goes down very well.
Get some cheap coloured cellophane and you can wrap it with a slice of cake instead of party bags. If doing this, would add edible glitter to the mix too.

ContessaIsOnADietDammit · 18/06/2019 22:24

Mine ignored the peppers/tomatoes/hummus at DS1's recent party, but guzzled the strawberries. DS2 guzzled cucumber but he is strange.

I would also suggest a token packet of quorn sausage rolls/sausages for any vegetarian/Muslim kids - we had these at our party (I'm vegan so we had them anyway) and the kids were over the moon Grin

IHaveBrilloHair · 18/06/2019 22:57

Quorn is well known for giving people the shits, so I wouldn't serve it.
Sorry Contess

ContessaIsOnADietDammit · 18/06/2019 23:15

Brillo really? Confused I've never had that, but fair enough! Other (non-Quorn) veggie brands are available - I recommend the Linda McCartneys.

Namechangedtoprotect · 19/06/2019 07:40

I'm veggie so by default lots of it will be, I think sausage rolls, mini sausages and chicken nuggets will be the only meat on the table.

OP posts:
FermatsTheorem · 19/06/2019 07:45

So long as you cook the chicken nuggets before letting them cool OP. (I'm sure you're not that daft, but I remember a thread on here where someone's DP was - he genuinely thought they contained cooked meat and were only marked "heat for 15 minutes" to warm them up Envy).

stucknoue · 19/06/2019 07:54

Carrot sticks, cucumber and cherry tomatoes as a nod to veg!

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