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Anyone experience caffeine as anxiety?

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ImCaughtinmyShadow · 18/06/2019 01:30

My heart is pumping and I'm stressing about work, sleep impossible. I do have a problem with anxiety but there is a niggling thought that i had coffee when i got home from school pick up and another about 8.30 pm
I usually don't have any after I finish work (3pm). Sometimes one.
I've just Googled and seems to suggest caffeine can feel like anxiety and I'm wondering just how much this might factor in my anxiety. I thought it needed to be huge quantities.

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NaomifromMilkshake · 18/06/2019 01:33

Hell no,

I will only risk a coffee after midday if I don't have to be up the next day.


MsMustDoBetter · 18/06/2019 01:43

I do too. Makes me feel very on edge.

ImCaughtinmyShadow · 18/06/2019 01:47

I am now wondering how much of my anxiety is a caffeine problem.

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InventedthePostIt · 18/06/2019 01:48

Yes. Been awake all night. Had three coffees today and feel awful. Also stressing about work but not sure if right to be worried or the caffeine is making it seem worse. I normally stick to one cup a day as seem to react badly to it. Hope you manage some sleep soon.

RosaWaiting · 18/06/2019 01:54

I have anxiety generally
Mostly I only have one coffee a day, first thing, but if I’m particularly anxious about anything, I don’t even have that
Also I think certain meds can mean it stays in your system longer.

ImCaughtinmyShadow · 18/06/2019 01:54

It sucks doesn't it Invented? My work is definitely stressful but i feel the turning it over and over and feeling of dread might be disproportionate. Sorry you are struggling too.

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GodDammitAmy · 18/06/2019 01:57

Yeah it's totally connected. I've given up caffeine after having a massive panic attack after two cups of strong coffee having not drunk it for ages. It's bad stuff OP!

ImCaughtinmyShadow · 18/06/2019 02:08

I've had 5 today.

GodDammit I felt like I was having a heart attack 2 years ago but assume it was a panic attack as tests all clear. Too long ago to remember but I wonder if it was caffeine.

Time to cut down I think.

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TopBitchoftheWitches · 18/06/2019 02:17

Wide awake here but no coffee just tea.

I haven't slept at all and that is worrying me.

I think it's the full moon or something.

Skittlesandbeer · 18/06/2019 02:52

Read a great description about how anxiety feels, recently. Not saying it feels the same for everyone.

They said it was like that moment when you’re swinging back on your chair and you suddenly think you’ve gone too far and will likely fall backwards. But it’s that moment, all the time.

Coffee certainly gives me that same feeling. I gave it up as soon as I was diagnosed with anxiety. One early morning cup of tea is my only caffeine.

Given how debilitating anxiety is, why would anyone want to exacerbate it with caffeine? I get that it’s addictive, but I’d get off it quickly. Even one would be too much for me now. Even decaf sometimes!

ImCaughtinmyShadow · 18/06/2019 02:53

Hope you get some sleep TopBitch. My children are usually up at six so not going to be getting lively tomorrow.

OP posts:
ImCaughtinmyShadow · 18/06/2019 02:56

Skittles I feel like I'm addicted but I agree it's not worth it.

OP posts:
Mummaofmytribe · 18/06/2019 02:59

I have severe anxiety mostly now liveable with on meds. I find that if I'm already a bit wobbly, just one coffee tips me over. I virtually never have it now as this happened several times so I'm certain it was linked.

Marmighty · 18/06/2019 03:15

I'm definitely addicted, and have far too much coffee. I'm a cycle of worry and tiredness around work (as well as up with a restless baby so tiredness massovely exacerbated). Time to cut down. DH gave up caffeine about six months ago and it's helped his anxiety a lot. I just love crave coffee though, a bit melodramatic but I feel like it's my only pleasure!

TopBitchoftheWitches · 18/06/2019 03:17


Thanks but looking Unlikely.

I usually get up at 6am and kids at 7.

carla1983 · 18/06/2019 03:17

Yes anything stronger than dark chocolate or a few gulps of tea give me anxiety. It is genetic, some people don't process caffeine efficiently.

I don't have anything contain caffeine after about 6pm if I want to sleep that night.

PregnantOnPurpose · 18/06/2019 03:33

OH was taken into hospital with suspected heart attack last year.

Turna out he had high dose caffeine pre work out with a coffee, then another coffee.

Diagnosed caffeine overdose. He felt very sluggish afterwards when I drove him home after 9 hours in a&e, a phone call to my manager at 7am to say we had been there all night and I wont be coming in.

I suffer majorly with anxiety, he did look like it was a really bad panic attack.

swimmerforlife · 18/06/2019 04:05

I became addicted to coffee when my epilepsy was out of control as a teenager and for some bizarre reason coffee prevented seizures (I could be having up to 5 coffees per day)....20 years later I am still an addict despite not having a seizure in years.

I try to limit to two coffees a day, one when I get up and another mid afternoon and I am fine.

When my kids were young (sleepless nights etc) it could be three coffees per day, not only did I get jittery from withdrawal and an increase in heart rate but there was a definite increase in anxiety, I have had total meltdowns.

In the past 10 years I could probably count on one hand the amount of days I have gone without a coffee Hmm

I dread to think how much I have spent on barista made coffees over the years too....

ImCaughtinmyShadow · 18/06/2019 06:59

I eventually got some sleep. Not sure how I'd function without coffee today but will start cutting it down.

I remember in my 20s I'd buy a double espresso and a latte on the way to work. Neck the espresso, then enjoy the latte at a leisurely pace.

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