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I've had a biopsy today

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SmellBowShellBow · 17/06/2019 17:57

I just feel so sad. It wasn't planned, I've had a few lumps and they think they're fine but the consultant found one to be more abnormal and he came in to examine me again after the ultrasound and said he'd be doing a biopsy. I was fine, went to work after but I've come home in the car and I feel quite down. I've got 2 weeks until the results and all I can think about is my DC and DH. They've said they think it's ok but just checking. Yet I can't help but feel this way and silly at the same time.

My DH knows but I don't know who I can talk to about this.

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MyGuideJools · 17/06/2019 18:04

Flowers The waiting is The worst bit! I've had 5 biopsies over the years in my boobs, the last one 18 months ago. I was recalled on the last one as they didn't take enough.
All of them have been fineSmile
I would say try not to worry but of course you will worry! Just be reassured that you are being thoroughly checked. You have my sympathy x

cakeandchampagne · 17/06/2019 18:08

Flowers Best to get checked. I hope you get good news.

kiltedsheep · 17/06/2019 18:34

❤️ That sounds really tough. Waiting is the worst bit, as mentioned above. Sending you good thoughts and prayers. If you think it would help to speak to someone other than DH about how you're feeling, you could always give the Samaritans a ring. It's a free number and sometimes it can be a great relief just to talk to someone. People assume it's just a service for those who are suicidal, but it isn't - they're there for anyone who needs to talk.

SmellBowShellBow · 17/06/2019 22:08

Thank you. I know so many people must have them but I can't stop thinking about my small family. It'll be better in the morning, I think I've just been caught off guard.

Thanks, kiltedsheep. I'll call tomorrow if I still need to talk. I really do appreciate MN at times like these.

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