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5 month old not interested in baby gym/play mat

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Puddingsmummy · 16/06/2019 17:44

Is that the usual age they become bored of lying on their Back on the baby play gym?
Just contemplating getting rid of it as he cries every time I go to lie him under it now.

OP posts:
MrsGrannyWeatherwax · 16/06/2019 17:45

Mine plays in it at 7 months, wouldn’t use it for a bit either but I’ve no idea what’s standard.

PurpleCrazyHorse · 16/06/2019 17:52

DD never liked laying on her back or front, she despised the baby gym and we sold it as unused. I had to lie to the health visitor about tummy time! DD just loved to be upright and looking around (she hated the sling for the same reason!).

I would probably pack it away and maybe try one of those reclining baby seats/baby bouncers. He might prefer to be looking around but guessing he can't sit up. DD loved her reclining bouncer seat and it was only a cheap £10 thing. Don't sell it yet though, you might get a second wind of use.

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