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Skint. Got DS 1 gift only. Ideas with £10?

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DontDodo · 15/06/2019 21:05

Things are very tight right now. I have got one gift for DS who is 7 which was about £20. I can spend about £10 on something else. What can I get? I’ve worked out a cake I can make for £2. Any cheap cheap ideas?

OP posts:
EstherMumsnet · 15/06/2019 22:31

Hello everyone

We've had a number of reports from people concerned about this thread so, as we usually do in these circs, we're putting our heads round the door with some important reminders.

Right now we can't see any evidence to indicate that the OP isn't above board – if we did, we'd remove the thread straight away. But the truth is that, sadly, we at MNHQ can't know with 100% certainty that any poster is genuine, no matter who they are or how long they have been here. As frustrating as it is, we're not able to vouch for anyone here.

So we always ask users to remember that not everyone on the internet is who they say they are – and remind folk not to give more to another poster, either financially (in cash or gifts) or emotionally (in time or care and support) than they'd be prepared to lose if things went wrong. We strongly advise against parting with any cash or giving away your personal details, and if you receive a PM which makes you uneasy - report it to us and we’ll take a look.

Sorry to hijack your thread briefly there, OP – we really hope you get it all sorted soon. In the meantime, you might find some useful information on our guide for dealing with financial difficulty

bigredfolder · 15/06/2019 22:36

What about a Venus fly trap? My brother had one when he was young and he loved it.

cheeseandcrackers · 15/06/2019 22:45

Science kits for a fiver in the range, or they had great science kits and rocket kits for £3.99 in Lidl recently and small ravensberg board games for £3

RoryGillmoresEvilTwin · 15/06/2019 23:06

Poundland have DVDs for a pound each (surprisingly😂) I got my ds a couple for his bithday. Home bargains also have really recent ones for about 3 quid each.

CorBlimeyGovenor · 15/06/2019 23:34

Ok, so this might be a shockingly bad idea, but ... My favourite best ever b day present as a kid was a gold fish! So many people get rid of aquariums free on local websites. Or plastic ponds. The same with hamster cages and equipment. So, if you can afford the ongoing maintenance of a fish/stick insect, giant African land snail or small furry pet, is that an option?

Hairyfairy01 · 15/06/2019 23:40

Sweets. You can buy loads of sweets for £10 and what kid doesn’t like sweets.

PurpleCrazyHorse · 16/06/2019 00:07

Odeon Kids cinema screenings are only £2.50 a ticket each. We saw The Lego Movie 2 in half term and you can bring your own sweets and drinks. We even got to sit in the premier seats as you could sit anywhere at all Grin Buy at the cinema to avoid the extra fee per ticket they charge for online bookings.

Might take some time to do, but maybe a treasure hunt with clues? Buy some sweets, the internet might have some clues you can use. Maybe choose clues that could be done inside or outside in case of bad weather. Wrap up the first clue and then have a big box of sweets as the treasure.

Wilko might be worth a look, same with Aldi and Lidl middle aisles.

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