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I'm dying my hair copper red. Should I dye my eyebrows too?

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TensAndTens · 15/06/2019 17:24

They're quite dark so I dunno if they'll take but should I try a bit?

OP posts:
Emilydickensonsdogs · 15/06/2019 17:25

Dear god, no!

Lamentations · 15/06/2019 17:28


Myimaginarycathasfleas · 15/06/2019 17:28

Definitely not! I'm a natural redhead - or was when I was younger. My eyebrows are very pale but have no red in them.

InterchangeableEmma · 15/06/2019 17:28

No. Absolutely not

thedevilinablackdress · 15/06/2019 17:28

Not unless you want to look quite unusual. Also, not sure if you should use hair dye on your eyebrows.

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