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12 year old dd and period delay tablets

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twosoups1972 · 15/06/2019 11:03

12 year old dd is going on away on a week's residential with school tomorrow morning. Her period is due and she doesn't want to have to deal with it while she's away plus they're doing watersports etc.

Spoke to GP on the phone and he was happy to prescribe Utovlan tablets for her. But I'm slightly worried - the pharmacist said that as soon as she stops taking them her period will start and will probably be heavy. If you've taken these tablets has this been the case with you?

I'm also worried about side effects. School have said about medication that if your dd is happy taking any medicine herself, they don't need to be handed in. Dd is ASD and gets quite anxious and doesn't want her teachers knowing about the tablets.

Also not quite sure when she should start taking them. She thinks she is due around Thursday but her cycle isn't exactly regular yet.

Any advice please?

OP posts:
Wildorchidz · 15/06/2019 11:07

I wouldn’t if I were you. My own gp strongly advised against them when I had a similar request for my own dd when she was 14. If she forgets one things can go a bit haywire ..

JacquesHammer · 15/06/2019 11:10

DD has recently had them. She took Provera.

Her next period was perfectly normal.

Citygirl2019 · 15/06/2019 11:12

My dd has taken them before prescribed by the GP.

Yes her period was a bit heavier, but she was at home and found it easy to deal with.

I let the adults on the trip know she was taking them and they reminded her.

Her friends also used them with no issues.

twosoups1972 · 15/06/2019 11:13

So no side effects jacques and city?

OP posts:
chipsandpeas · 15/06/2019 11:14

i never felt my period was heavier after taking them - period came 2-3 days after stopping the tablets
started taking them 3 days before due on and take one tablet 3 times a day

flippyflapper · 15/06/2019 11:15

Ive just taken them for a holiday, ive taken them many times.

I have horrendous periods and strangely enough my period wasn't that bad at all once i stopped taking them.

I personally wouldn't think twice about giving my dd13 them although she hasn't started hers yet but when she does.

Maybe set an alarm on her phone for 3 times a day so she doesnt forget them.

JacquesHammer · 15/06/2019 11:15

So no side effects

Absolutely none.

I’ve taken both Provera and Noresthisterone. The former was fine, the latter gave more side effects and heavier periods after.

JacquesHammer · 15/06/2019 11:16

Actually - I also liked Provera better because it was only two tablets per day, so much easier to take - when cleaning teeth in the morning and the same at night.

Flurgle · 15/06/2019 11:16

One of mine took them at 13 for a holiday. Worked well (started taking them a couple of days before it was due). Once the period arrived it was horrible and she felt pretty grim- but only for a day or so and it was worth it as she could swim etc on holiday.

ThatCurlyGirl · 15/06/2019 11:18

Took them both on a few occasions when I was around her age. No side effects whatsoever, periods were just normal afterwards for me.

JacquesHammer · 15/06/2019 11:18

Just a caveat though, they don’t always work so it’s possible her period would arrive anyway.

Has she tried tampons? Might be a good back up option

twosoups1972 · 15/06/2019 11:20

Thank you. We've got the 3 tablets/day (norethiserone), didn't know about Provera.

They are back at the centre for lunch each day so I'm going to tell dd just make sure she takes one tablet around each meal time.

OP posts:
twosoups1972 · 15/06/2019 11:20

They're not allowed to take phones on the trip so I can't contact her either.

OP posts:
TheHobbitMum · 15/06/2019 11:27

Myself andy 3 daughters use them once or twice a year, no side effects and normal period after. The youngest was 11yrs old

Mumsymumphy · 15/06/2019 14:02

I've had Norethisterone. I was worried about side effects so didn't take as many as stated (2 on the first day, then 1 a day till I wanted to stop) My next period was no different to others.

Citygirl2019 · 16/06/2019 14:59

OP my daughter had no side effects other than the slightly heavier period when she stopped.

She was also doing lots of water sports and felt it worth doing

MrsJBaptiste · 16/06/2019 16:37

So can you just ask for these from your doctor? I'll be due my period on holiday this summer and hate tampons so it's a real pain.

When I was on the pill I'd take two packets back to back to avoid getting a period but now I'm not on the pill I obviously can't do this!

JacquesHammer · 16/06/2019 16:57

So can you just ask for these from your doctor? I'll be due my period on holiday this summer and hate tampons so it's a real pain


They’ll ask some questions, and give you the minimum you need but yes, you should be able to access them easily if you’re a suitable candidate!

Dippypippy1980 · 16/06/2019 17:06

I have used them - they are great. No side effects and made holiday really easy.

Think it’s weird a gp strongly advised another poster against them. Surely you forget one and your period arrives? It’s not the end of the world - but if you remember to take them then a hassle free holiday.

MrsJBaptiste · 16/06/2019 17:10

Brilliant! Every day's a school day on MN 😁

DizzySue · 16/06/2019 17:10

My DD14 was prescribed these for a school water sports trip. She felt slightly nauseous the first couple of mornings but we found taking them after a big meal later in the day stopped that.

She did have a heavier period afterwards and more severe cramps, but she was home by then and we were ready with paracetamol etc.

She wouldn't hesitate to take them again if she needed, well worth not having to worry about her period on a trip.

chocatoo · 16/06/2019 17:22

DDA has taken a few times. A god send when sharing closeish quarters with younger cousins on a water sports hol. No probs whatsoever. We were nervous asking gp first time but she was v supportive.

chocatoo · 16/06/2019 17:25


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