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anonymous1982 · 15/06/2019 02:43


I came up north - Leeds Bradford area - for some work stuff and went out to a bar on my own and met a local Lady here at the bar who came up with work colleagues. We got on great and kissed and randomly said she doesn't want to come back to my hotel although I didn't ask. I was a bit upset - just a bit - as I hoped something would happen. I did try to ask 'how can I persuade you' which was a rubbish effort but also glad I wasn't being forceful trying to come across as a loser.

Staying here for another day and asked if she fancied meeting tomorrow and she said yes. Not sure if she will see me or not - probably just saying as not wanting to upset me and blow me off - but if she does do you have any advice? She seems decent.

Not really done the dating game or been with a woman for over a year now. Getting an opportunity and not knowing what to do is an area I could do with some help even if it is just for tomorrow. Not sure where to arrange to meet either - I was just thinking coffee shop or may be Leeds armouries just so if I am stuck for things to say there is atleast something to look at - she suggested Howarth and was going to drive which I didn't like the idea of me being driven around especially on a date so I rejected that proposal.


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Laurajjj · 15/06/2019 02:53

Just keep it simple and don't be too pushy. It's early days still. Don't come across desperate. It's a massive turn off.

newmomof1 · 15/06/2019 03:30

Do you want to 'date' her or do you want her to come back to your hotel on the first day of meeting, because they're two very different things

KatherineJaneway · 15/06/2019 05:48

Sounds like you are hoping for sex and not interested in actually dating her with the view towards a relationship.

My advice is take her for drinks and dinner if she says yes to seeing you again but don't get your hopes up.

anonymous1982 · 15/06/2019 09:54

Good advise thanks all. Just realised I got a few things to do during the day. Texted if she fancies meeting in the evening. See how things go.

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