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Cramping after running at 12 weeks pregnant - panicking

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RedPandaFluff · 14/06/2019 21:52

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I ran for the first time in 4 months today. I knew I needed to start off slowly and not exert myself too much, so I walked for half a kilometre, ran the same distance, walked again and so on. I did 4km in total so 2km of running. It felt great at the time - I felt so happy to be moving again!

Now I feel very crampy - it's a dull achey feeling - and I'm worried sick. My doctor said it would be fine as long as I was sensible about building up slowly, and I thought that what I did would be fine.

Reassurance would be much appreciated . . .

OP posts:
ReganSomerset · 14/06/2019 21:57

It's probably fine. Why did you stop for four months? It would've been better to keep going.

CmdrCressidaDuck · 14/06/2019 22:01

You'll be fine. It's just cramping. You'll have lots of cramping and weird sensations in your abdomen during pregnancy. If a bit of gentle running could damage a healthy pregnancy, do you think the human race would have ever made it past the first generation? Cavewomen didn't get to sit around a lot! Smile

EarringsandLipstick · 14/06/2019 22:02

OP I wouldn't worry too much. I've had 3 children, regular runner, ran in all 3 pregnancies.
I sometimes got just the sort of cramps you describe - think it's due to the ligaments relaxing when pg. Each pregnancy was different, I ran for basically the full 9 months with middle child, had to stop by 7.5 months w third as centre of gravity had shifted & I felt I'd fall over!

See how you feel. If it's not working for you, swimming might work better? Best of luck!

EarringsandLipstick · 14/06/2019 22:03


In fairness, maybe OP stopped as she was wrecked/sick in first trimester? Why does that matter?
It's not 'better to keep going' - it's whatever she's happy with.

RedPandaFluff · 14/06/2019 22:12

I sprained a ligament in my ankle and stopped on advice from a physio - and then we started another IVF cycle shortly afterwards and eventually I just didn't have the energy as @EarringsandLipstick suggested.

I feel ready to start again (emotionally and physically) and I really want to be strong, fit and healthy for this baby.

It's the nasty voice, isn't it? Common sense is telling me it's fine, I didn't exert myself, the baby is well cushioned, the mean voice is saying "it's all going to go wrong" . . .

Okay, I'll get a grip now. I guess I only really need to worry if there's bleeding or severe cramping, right? Which isn't the case at the moment.

OP posts:
EarringsandLipstick · 14/06/2019 22:17

That's it OP - there doesn't seem any need to worry eg severe pain / bleeding.

That said - do what you feel comfortable with. If you find running isn't for you when pregnant, don't push yourself. You might prefer something more relaxed, like yoga / walking.

For me, I really needed to 'push' myself, a bit, as I was used to it with running. I don't usually like swimming but got into it in pregnancy and swam fairly intensively & it was great!

Enjoy your pregnancy, do what makes you feel well & happy 💐

ReganSomerset · 14/06/2019 22:18

I always got cramping after running for a train, you should be fine.

RedPandaFluff · 14/06/2019 22:28

That's reassuring, @ReganSomerset - just ligaments etc. I guess.

@EarringsandLipstick I'd really love to run in moderation - it's just so easy and convenient; to go swimming I'd have a half-hour drive each way so it's a lot more of a commitment, but I agree it would be the ideal in terms of low-impact exercise. Maybe I'll commit to swimming once a week to replace a run . . .

OP posts:
RedPandaFluff · 14/06/2019 22:28

Good point about the cavewomen, @CmdrCressidaDuck 😁

OP posts:
Yukka · 14/06/2019 22:33

Ligaments and pelvic floor muscles take a battering in pregnancy so if you hadn’t run for 4 months I would expect what you did today to cause discomfort, you’re body isn’t the same anymore. I switched running and weight lifting for swimming and yoga - still doing 3x a week now at 34 weeks

RogueV · 14/06/2019 22:35

Is this your first pregnancy?

I am a super faster walker and remember getting terrible pregnancy cramps when walking. It’ll be all your muscles stretching a relaxin running through them

RedPandaFluff · 14/06/2019 23:05

I honestly took it really easy, @Yukka - I've already looked into yoga though as I think that could be helpful.

Third pregnancy but I've never made it to the second trimester, @RogueV, so I think that's why I'm analysing (and bothering mumsnetters with!) every little thing! I just keep thinking this is going to get taken away from me again.

OP posts:
ragged · 14/06/2019 23:25

In my experience, women blame themselves when pregnancies have problems (very very rarely is it valid to blame selves, but they still do it).

X fingers all will settle down for you.

itscallednickingbentcoppers · 14/06/2019 23:26

It'll be round ligament pains, I wouldn't worry.

scratchyfluffface · 15/06/2019 00:19

Third pregnancy but I've never made it to the second trimester

Sending lots of wishes for a healthy pregnancy OP

MrsxRocky · 15/06/2019 05:27

I'm a regular runner and I get a sore lower tummy after it. Just feel really tender for a day after then OK again.
I'm 17 weeks.

BlueBrushing · 15/06/2019 08:29

Op, it's certainly absolutely fine, but I totally get what you mean about feeling worried - pay for a private ultrasoubd scan (around £90) to put your mind at rest.

Yukka · 15/06/2019 08:48

@RedPandaFluff some women have pain just walking it really depends on you. Round ligament pain will deff be contributing, and you could have the start of PGP too which running won’t be good for. If you apply pressure to the top of your pubic bone, does it hurt like feel bruised even though it’s not? Rest should help, perhaps chat with midwife.

I’m over conscious as similar to you this is no.4 after 3mcs so I purposefully chose low impact and was advised no exercise all till 14 weeks. By then it wouldn’t have been feasible to run cos of ligament pain and pgp.

Stay active, maybe if you go again do a little less and listen to your our body if you feel pain.

Neolara · 15/06/2019 09:00

When I was pregnant, I used to think about the fact that women have babies in unbelievablely physically and demanding situations (eg war zones or the poorest parts of Africa where women's bodies are stretched to the limits on a daily basis). If pregnancies routinely survive things like this, something like a gentle jog is not going to affect your baby provided it is developing typically. Usually pregnancies end because there is something wrong with the chromosomal make up of the foetus or a particular condition the mother has. Normal day to day events are very unlikely to cause your baby any problems. I say this as someone who had 4 miscarriages and who was wracked by anxiety throughout my pregnancies and spent a lot of time researching and thinking about risks.

21daysofsummer · 19/06/2019 11:34

How are you OP?

RedPandaFluff · 19/06/2019 16:06

Hi @21daysofsummer - thank you for asking! I just had my scan and the baby is perfect, I don't think I've ever been so happy and relieved in my life!

Think I'm going to settle for brisk walking from now on, just in case 😄

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