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Lost Kindle information

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tulips77 · 14/06/2019 21:39

Can anyone help please? Confused
Last year I set up an Amazon account for DD to get books for her kindle.
I've just tried to buy some books and they're not appearing in her library on the Kindle. So, there's a problem.
But - I cannot for the life of me find ANY information as to where her account details are. I've tried her email address but amazon says no account exists in that name.
I've searched and searched but nothing!
I'm such an idiot as usually I keep all this kind of info in a file on my phone.
What can I do? (Apart from deregistering the kindle, and starting again, which I'd rather not do as I'll lose all the books on it.)

OP posts:
Passmeabrew · 14/06/2019 22:08

Shes not put it in flight mode has she? That would stop the books downloading. Otherwise I'm not sure, would have to go and check my own see if I can find it on there

tulips77 · 14/06/2019 22:14

Thank you for replying. No, sadly it's not that - WiFi is connected.
The problem is that I literally have no way of logging on to the amazon account I must have created for her. And amazon says it doesn't recognise her email address so I must have used a new one and - sheer idiocy - not made a note of it.

OP posts:
thislido · 14/06/2019 22:23

I've just tried to buy some books and they're not appearing in her library on the Kindle. So, there's a problem.

I’m confused by this bit - how were you trying to buy the books? Directly from her kindle? Or from the amazon website?

PositiveAttitude · 14/06/2019 22:24

Phone the Amazon Kindle helpline. They have always been amazingly helpful when I have had problems in the past.

ScreamingValenta · 14/06/2019 22:33

Have you tried logging in with your DD's mobile number instead?

dementedpixie · 14/06/2019 22:36

On your Amazon account go into Manage Content and Devices and it will show where the books have been sent

FenellaMaxwell · 14/06/2019 22:42

How are you buying books for it If you don’t know the account details? Where did the books already on it come from?

Damia · 14/06/2019 22:51

Can you not log out and back in and do the thing where you click to say you dont remember your log in and if you set up a phone backup you might be able to recover it? Or mothers maiden name type stuff?

tulips77 · 14/06/2019 22:57

Thanks for more replies. I'm sorry if the problem is unclear!

When I bought books for the kindle last year I bought them directly from the device, but linked to an amazon account to which I'd added a payment card.

Stupidly, I didn't note down the email address or password for this account (created solely to purchase books for DD's kindle).

Her kindle is not linked to my amazon account. So going to 'manage content and devices' just shows me my purchased books, not hers as they were purchased from a different amazon account (the one I have no info for).

Kindle helpline - I didn't know that existed - that's a good idea.

I've tried saying 'forgotten password' but the trouble is I don't even know the email address so can't proceed any further. DD's email address doesn't work and is not recognised by amazon - ie i must have created a new email account to use for a new amazon account.

I'm a complete numpty.

OP posts:
tulips77 · 14/06/2019 23:03

PS the reason the books aren't being purchased all of a sudden is because the original credit card has expired.

I think I'm going to have to deregister it and start again. I'll lose the books that are on there but many of them are a few years old now and she's grown out of them.

OP posts:
ScreamingValenta · 14/06/2019 23:09

If the actual Kindle is still logged in, can you go to 'account settings' on the Kindle?

BlingLoving · 14/06/2019 23:21

On the kindle go to settings and look at the registered account for details. Did you buy the books on the kindle? In the library, make sure the tab for all books (not just downloaded ones) is clicked. Books you have purchased but not downloaded should appear and you can download.

Yo9u would have used an email address or phone number. Try all email addresses and phone numbers in the house.

On your website app heck in preferences for passwords and see if there are multiple amazon accounts.

Did you possibly sign up to a family account?

Passmeabrew · 14/06/2019 23:51

I've searched my settings and can't find anywhere that shows the account its linked to! It just has my name and for some reason DHs, I presume because it was a gift from him so came from his account, but no login details or email address. I'd have a look on your main computer and see if you can switch between amazon accounts - that might show the address you used? Otherwise contacting their helpdesk might be best bet?

VittysCardigan · 15/06/2019 00:04

I second the pp that said call the helpline. I helped my mum sort her account/kindle when something similar happened last year. They were incredibly helpful & easy to deal with.

SpoonBlender · 15/06/2019 00:09

Take a look in your email for "kindle" - there may be some hints if you ever sent anything that way.

On the Kindle there's a "support" entry under settings - you could try sending them a query that way, it's likely the query contains some sort of identifier.

PeachesPlumsPears · 15/06/2019 00:31

On the Kindle, if you click on settings, device options, personalize your Kindle it will give a "Send to-Kindle E-mail" address.

Hopefully this will give you some idea what you used to set the kindle up or you can ring Amazon this email address and they can look it up for you.

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