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(Wwyd) Not heard back from job interview

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cathycassidy · 13/06/2019 18:07

Not too sure about correct etiquette, I’ve been unemployed for a long time Blush

I had an interview just over a week ago (6 working days) and at the end was told they were planning to let the successful candidate know in “the next couple of days”

Haven’t heard anything since said interview. It didn’t go too badly but I remain doubtful I have got the job as I’ve just seen the company put another advertisement for the same role up. Also my CV was pretty lacklustre but that’s another story

I was previously thinking of just emailing the same HR member of staff who had organised the interview with me.
However on the day of the interview I was told she was away (didn’t ask why) so another more senior staff member interviewed me

I guess I could look up his email but I feel like that may be slightly inappropriate as he was only covering for the other member of staff

OP posts:
Damia · 13/06/2019 18:19

I would email the organiser of the interview and ask for an update and any feedback from the interviewer

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