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Does anyone know about thyroids and free T4 / TSH levels,

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Pacificallythespecific · 12/06/2019 23:48

GP would like to see me but no appointments for two weeks.

I had my thyroid checked and the receptionist gave me my results

Free T4 is 17.2
TSH is 0.67

Do these look at a glance?

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Pacificallythespecific · 13/06/2019 00:04


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PatricksRum · 13/06/2019 03:52


MGgirl · 13/06/2019 07:02

I can't help as I'm still getting to grips with my levels but it might be worth reposting on ?

Rosebud21 · 15/06/2019 00:48
Rosebud21 · 15/06/2019 00:49

*should be helpful :)

HicDraconis · 15/06/2019 05:19

They look normal to me. Your TSH should be between 0.4 and 4, your T4 between 10 and 25 or so (depending on individual lab reference ranges). There’s nothing about your numbers that looks abnormal or in need of treatment.

earlydoors42 · 15/06/2019 07:41

Did they also test your antibodies or just these 2 things? They also look normal to me (though the ranges would help)

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