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Pillow talk

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Oakmaiden · 12/06/2019 20:47

So, I want to buy my dh a new pillow, because at the moment he uses a tiny (rank) travel pillow with no cover and it is disgusting.

Anyway, the reason he uses it is because his head gets very hot at night using a normal pillow. So I want to find him a pillow that will keep his head cool and not be completely ridiculous. (It is not just the look and rankness - he gets a lot of shoulder pain, and I suspect it is exacerbated by clutching this tiny thing to his head all night...)

Any recommendations?

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denimjacket · 12/06/2019 20:55

Get a normal pillow and put this in it (hoping picture attaches)

Pillow talk
Oakmaiden · 12/06/2019 21:12

Good plan. thank you.

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