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Child arrangement.

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Hartlepool18 · 12/06/2019 18:10

Hi. Me and my partner split August last year. He moved away to Leeds with his new girlfriend- and has a baby with her and another on way...
we have got the arrangement of him having our children every other weekend, 3.15-from school Friday- Sunday 6/7pm (sometimes later!) he also sees them twice a week on the week he wouldn’t see them. From school 3.15-9pm (has them at mine whilst I’m working). Due to me getting a new job! I won’t be doing any late shifts anymore... it is 3 days of 8.30-4.30pm.. and then half a day (morning or afternoon). I’ve explained that nothing will change- he is still allowed to have them every other weekend, and come when he can during the week he wouldn’t to take them out etc. He has turned nasty and said he cannot do during the week anymore due to working himself (self employed!) and demands every weekend with the children!? I disagreed as I need my quality time with them also- taking out school.. and with me working 3 1/2 days a week- I don’t want to be the boring parent and have homework, tea, bath, bed routine whilst he gets the days off with them for it to be fun! Although he lives in Leeds... he is classed as living in Middlesbrough with his mum. Leeds is 70 mile away from my home.. Middlesbrough is 16mile a way... he’s threatening me to take me to court to have them every weekend!? Or if not then joint custody. Anyone else been in a similar situation? Or a family court that can express their situations? I don’t think he will get 50/50 due to him living in a different town.. but I’m worrying this will affect the children more. They don’t have a routine with him- whereas they do me. Some advice would be much appropriated!
(Also my kids only see my family, my partner and his little boy on my weekend too!)
Thanks in advance x

OP posts:
KindergartenKop · 12/06/2019 19:40

He just can't be arsed with the week visits. He won't have the get up and go to take you to court and if he does, pretend you want 50/50 (he won't be arsed with that!) He's being lazy and you have good reasons to want to spend every other weekend with your kids, just as he does.

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