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Please help me name my business

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JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam · 12/06/2019 13:28

I'm stumped.

Taking the leap into early years consultancy, training etc after years of working in the field and I can't come up with a brand name.

I think using my name doesn't sell what it is but I don't want anything too cutesy.

Ideas welcomed. So massively welcomed in fact!

OP posts:
SeaToSki · 12/06/2019 13:34

Can you give us more detail, consultancy on what aspects etc

Sooverthemill · 12/06/2019 13:36

Tie it into the name of your town/street? Or something early years related? I've googled and people do use their names, or something quite cute ( sparkles for example). When I was a consultant I used my surname so xxxxxconsulting

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam · 12/06/2019 13:36

Yes of course.

So staff training, mock Ofsteds, development plans, advertising, audits plus anything else a client might request.

OP posts:
HarleyS · 12/06/2019 13:39


Education Audit Plus

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam · 12/06/2019 14:12

Oh I like that. Do you think it will fit on social media/getting it out there though?

Thank you.

OP posts:
HarleyS · 12/06/2019 17:40

Sorry, how do you mean?
Getting it out there?

HarleyS · 12/06/2019 17:41

PM me - your services offered etc - I'll think of a tag line.
I'm job seeking at the moment so I have a bit of time to spare.
It'll be good karma :)

HarleyS · 12/06/2019 17:51

If you mean will you get website traffic
Then then the first step is register the name on Companies House (if its available)
Then get the domain name - Worth having your own website
If you have references from people willing to give testimonials to be visible on your website, that would be great
Then it's worth speaking with education charities for work
Councils may take some time
Linkedin account
You just need one good job / contract and it should roll from there (hopefully)

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam · 12/06/2019 18:43

Thank you. Have PM'd you Smile

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