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Help with cat spraying...

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Pinkmouse6 · 10/06/2019 17:52

We adopted our cat as a four month old kitten approx 2.5 years ago. Neutered him within a fortnight, he’s well looked after in every way possible and well loved hence reluctance to send him to a sanctuary... Supremely good natured cat as well, extremely placid.

Trouble is, he sprays everywhere and always has done. I can’t actually begin to tell you how much money I have had to spend on cleaning products and also on replacing things he has ruined. Everything from my DC’s toys and clothes through to the MacBook charger, curtains, earphones and carpets. He just will not stop doing it, it’s like a compulsion. He does it absolutely everywhere as well, we can’t own door mats anymore because he has ruined every single one I’ve ever bought.

I have been back and forth to the vets for solutions as well, there’s nothing medically wrong and they say it’s purely behavioural. I’ve tried all kinds of different products such as feliway, catnip, different urine deterrents in his favourite spots etc. Nothing has worked. Tried every litter and litter tray available, tried having two and even three litter trays in his usual spraying spots- nope. I feel like I’ve exhausted all available advice and now it’s just whether we put up with him ruining the house for the next decade or so or send him to a no-kill sanctuary.

We have a seven month old who will soon be crawling so I’m concerned for his health too especially after catching the cat doing it against a wall close to his activity gym.

He is an outdoor cat although previously was a house cat, I started letting him outside because it was suggested being a house cat may be stressing him out. Evidently hasn’t worked. He has plenty of toys, scratch posts and is a well loved moggy so nothing that could be stressing him out. What do I do? Sad

OP posts:
Lollipopmum0183 · 05/04/2021 19:41

Did you get this Resolved?? I am in the same predicament!

Lollipopmum0183 · 05/04/2021 19:42

@pinkmouse6 did you get this resolved? I am in the same predicament!

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