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What are you getting your dad for Father's Day?

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GrumpyCatLives · 09/06/2019 21:54

I need inspiration!

I have about £50 to spend. My dad dosent really drink or travel. He likes food/ cooking.

Any ideas?

OP posts:
Highlandspring1991 · 09/06/2019 22:00

My dads one them people of what do you buy someone who can buy anything they like Hmm I got one of them paper gift bags and spent about £25 on treats he loves. Like wine gums, different nuts and fried fruits. All kinds of little goodies and he loved it as it’s everything he likes! For something who loves travel and cooking I’d take a look for inspo on notontheghstreet. You’re bound to find something there

ThisIsM · 09/06/2019 22:10

Following! Dads are so hard to buy for! Esp like you say they can usually buy anything they like themselves 😩 mine likes golf but what can you do with that? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Redshoeblueshoe · 09/06/2019 22:14

My DF has been dead for quite a while now, but I know my DH would be happy with pictures of the GCs, or old fashioned sweets or vinyl
that's music for old people

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