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Cold sore and 7week old

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Riley12345 · 09/06/2019 21:21

Hi guys I have a seven week old DD and two days ago I noticed a coldsore forming, I have avoided kissing baby upsettingly but today I have noticed a little white dot on her lip and a couple more on her tongue, I’m terrified I’ve caused her to be ill, temp and everything else if fine and everyone I ask tells me I’m being over paranoid but I can’t drop the paranoia, should I take baby to hosp as it’s a Sunday?

OP posts:
toastfiend · 09/06/2019 23:24

I've got a now 4 month old and get bad cold sores. I had one the day he was born, so I totally sympathise. I've been in your position. It's shit.

Having rushed my baby to the GP fearing a cold sore to be told it was baby acne...objectively, what you've described doesn't sound like cold sores to me, although it's hard to say too accurately without an image. The GP told me it would be large and noticeable areas of blistering as a first infection, not a small spot, although she was lovely and swabbed it for me anyway to give me peace of mind. In light of the fact your baby seems well otherwise and doesn't have a temperature, I personally probably wouldn't be trekking to hospital late on a Sunday night. Perhaps phone your GP tomorrow for some advice? Obviously if anything changes and baby's breathing seems different, they're more fretful than usual, you notice a rash or blisters or their temperature is raised then I'd be seeking advice much more urgently. If you're still really concerned now then perhaps call 111? You might be able to speak to a GP or nurse practitioner on the phone and if they thinks it's needed they'll get you an OOH GP appointment.

Theoldwoman · 10/06/2019 07:36

OMG, that poor baby. I have suffered my whole life, someone must have kissed me while contagious when I was a baby!

My kids have never ever had one. I am so super dooper strict in regards to sharing when I have one.

Damntheman · 10/06/2019 08:29

It doesn't sound like a first cold sore outbreak to me either. Are you sure it isn't just milk blisters from feeding? Take her to a doctor if you need the peace of mind, that's what they're there for, but don't blame yourself. You've been very careful!

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