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Omg I'm leaving the country (or how I almost expired from shame at work)

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QuestionableMouse · 09/06/2019 19:19

Been at work tonight. We've had problems with the kids bringing their bikes in.

I saw a bike wheel poking out from behind one of the partitions and said "I'm sorry, you're going to have to take that out," before engaging my brain and realising it wasn't a bike but a disabled lady in a specialist (three wheeled) wheelchair.

Luckily she'd seen me asking some lads to take their bikes out and accepted my apologies but fuck me, if the earth had swallowed me up I'd have been grateful.

Planning to move to a small rock in the middle of the sea.

OP posts:
Bezalelle · 09/06/2019 19:32

Don't worry! It was clearly a genuine misunderstanding.

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