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When was the last time you cleaned

44 replies

ThePhoenixRises · 08/06/2019 23:29

Under and behind the fridge/freezer?

I just looked under mine, with a torch, as part of my "find the ants mission"

Its going to take me a while to clean it all tomorrow Blush

Thats if I can even managed to pull it out from the tight gap it's squeezed in.

OP posts:
Soola · 08/06/2019 23:33

It was on the 12th.

12th of never. Blush

ThePhoenixRises · 08/06/2019 23:38

Soola I recommend not looking under it.

OP posts:
Paddingtonthebear · 08/06/2019 23:38

Yeah definitely never

thenightsky · 08/06/2019 23:40

My chest freezer lives in the garage. Last time I went behind it was to check mouse traps/remove bodies. Urgh.

friedbeansandcheese · 08/06/2019 23:40

Was just thinking the same. The gap. Between mine and the dishwasher is revolting. Bluergh.

AppleKatie · 08/06/2019 23:41

The last time I cleaned the space was before it went in.

The time before that the day we moved in.

Genuine question, what bad thing would happen if you never cleaned it? Is there a reason to pull it out? Or would a quick hoover every 10 years or so, in fact be fine?

WhiteLightTrainWreck · 08/06/2019 23:41

Never... They're built into my kitchen cupboards, so I have no access to underneath or behind.

TahaniAlJamil · 08/06/2019 23:42

30th of February

TheSmallAssassin · 08/06/2019 23:42

One of us cleans it whenever we get a new fridge freezer.

HotChocolateLover · 08/06/2019 23:43

30th of February 😂😂

InterchangeableEmma · 08/06/2019 23:44

TahaniAlJamil actually, or are you in character?

InterchangeableEmma · 08/06/2019 23:44

Ahhh. Ok. I blame the wineBlush

Sweetaholic · 08/06/2019 23:52

Once since the new fridge went in last year. Due a clean I guess.

BlackeyedGruesome · 08/06/2019 23:54

The day it was installed.

ASqueakingInTheShrubbery · 08/06/2019 23:54

The day before it was delivered.

ThePhoenixRises · 08/06/2019 23:56

I might actually get away, with using a dry duster under it, to get all the crap out first, then using the duster wet to clean the floor under it, minimising the need to actually move it out.

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 09/06/2019 00:00

Once a month to two months. It literally takes only 5-10 minutes. I didn't realize this was such an impossible task.

CharminglyGawky · 09/06/2019 00:01

Ours was delivered just before Christmas so we last cleaned behind it just before Christmas Grin

freshasthebrightbluesky · 09/06/2019 00:15

Never. Good knows what's under there but I'm in no hurry to have a look.

I did clean under the cooker a few weeks ago because I dropped a pen behind it, had to move it, noticed the crap, cleaned it and knocked the pipe. We had to call the gas man out!

Theoldwoman · 09/06/2019 01:07

January, when we got home from holiday.

Probably should do it again soon.

IncrediblySadToo · 09/06/2019 01:15

Fairly frequently, but only because it’s easy to pull out, easier than cleaning around it. In other houses where the fridge hasn’t been easy to pull out - only if it needed to be moved for another reason.

Someone asked what’s the worst that can happen...attracting mice I guess, depending on your so likely in a penthouse apartment as a house backing onto fields.

Bloodybridget · 09/06/2019 04:20

I did move the fridge out and cleaned under/behind it earlier this year, just on a whim! The freezer is in the storeroom and immoveable.

SunshineSpring · 09/06/2019 05:03

@Aquamarine1029 pulling the fridge out enough to get the Hoover/ a mop in the space involves taking the radiator off the wall. It is not an easy job.

Of course, a duster or vaccuum cleaner nozzle can be wafted about in the spaces, but it's not exactly cleaning, more removing the worst of the debris.

Aquamarine1029 · 09/06/2019 05:19


My refrigerator isn't configured like that. It's self-contained.

BarbaraofSevillle · 09/06/2019 05:56

When we move house, get a new fridge or have a kitchen extension built, so 3, 13 and 20 years ago.

20 years ago was in response to a mysterious puddle appearing from under the knackered old second hand fridge we started out with and us using that as an excuse to go out and get a new one on interest free credit that we couldn't really afford.

We dragged out said crappy old fridge to release a giant rat that had clearly been living under there for quite a while, judging by the pile of excrement. Rat ran through into the utility room followed by the cat who had probably been responsible for bringing it into the house in the first place and had probably been trying to recatch it since.

We still have that fridge and we might even replace it in the next year or two whether it breaks or not but I'm quite curious as to how long it will last and of course it's far more sensible to let it break suddenly at what is almost certainly going to be an inconvenient moment like the day before we go on holiday or Christmas Eve just after I have filled it with expensive perishables and just after the shops have closed for the holiday.

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