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Red bits in chippy battered sausage

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Bunnylady53 · 07/06/2019 22:20

I do worry about food! My sausage was firm & cooked but there were a couple of bright red bits which I left. Does this mean that bit wasn’t cooked or is it just the normal sausagemeat?

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Bezalelle · 07/06/2019 22:23

Probably just pig arse. You'll be grand.

troppibambini · 07/06/2019 22:24

I just choked on my teaGrinGrin

DurhamDurham · 07/06/2019 22:25

I'm sure as it's been nuked in a deep fat dryer you'll be fine, it's best you don't look too closely when you eat sausages, especially the battered variety Grin

Bunnylady53 · 07/06/2019 22:28

🙂 at deep fat dryer!

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