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Warning...How to find details of old court case?

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NewlyNamed · 07/06/2019 13:36

I am not even sure if it is possible and I don’t want to give too many details in case people are able to trace it.

But a distant family friend has an old court case for rape, he was found not guilty. Apparently during the trail it came out that the woman was lying but I’ve always doubted this.

After hearing how few rape cases are brought to trail, I’m starting to think that the woman lying was nonsense that he’s saying to people. But I don’t know and am hoping to see if I can find the trial notes, records or something along those lines. It happened in Wales.

Does anyone know if random people can access court documents?

OP posts:
oldmum22 · 07/06/2019 14:06

Might be worth checking the local newspapers to see if there is anything reported. A lot depends if you have the dates correct as more often or not the parties involved will not be named. If reported you may get the story and the outcome in court.
I get the feeling there is a back story and it might be wise to talk this out with someone in real life .

Praiseyou · 07/06/2019 14:19

Even if you find the records and they don't say the woman lied, what will you achieve? He was found not guilty.

Is it that he takes his not guilty verdict as proof that she lied? (which if he was innocent, would be the case).

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