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Letting them learn by making their own mistakes

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BooksAreMyOnlyFriends · 07/06/2019 08:34

My daughter insisted on buying herself a new school bag as the hardwearing waterproof one we got her in September is 'gross'. She now has thin cloth rucksack. Lovely. Just waiting for the straps to break under the enormous weight of books but that's another story.

Last night I suggested that she might want to take the waterproof bag today as heavy rain is forecast all day. Her total walk to and from school is around an hour. Plus school has a lot of different buildings so she walks outside to classes a lot.

No. My new bag is fine!

I suggested putting a carrier bag inside to protect her books.

Mum, I said it's fine!

But if your library book gets damaged you will have to pay for it.

It won't. It's fine!

I've done my bit haven't I? Now I have to just let it happen. Maybe I should just be pleased she's actually put a coat on. Smile

OP posts:
LadySainsburySeal · 07/06/2019 08:37

She's put her coat on? Bloody hell, my dd was a coat refuser even when there was snow on the ground right through to college (when she suddenly decided she wanted to be warm when it was cold outside) Grin

She'll learn but never admit that mum was right. Grin

BooksAreMyOnlyFriends · 07/06/2019 08:48

I know. I'm amazed about the coat. She rarely puts it on. Shame it doesn't cover her bag.

I have suggested getting one of those tiny umbrellas for her school bag in case she gets caught in the rain but.. no.

OP posts:
Mumsymumphy · 07/06/2019 08:56

OP didn't you know teenagers are always right and you know nothing?!

Deep down she'll know you're right, but will never admit it. Well, maybe in about 10 years time!

I had one of those jelly bean bags (showing my age now) and still refused to put a plastic bag inside it! Lost loads of pens etc through the holes lol. But I knew best 😁

Letting them learn by making their own mistakes
Mrsjayy · 07/06/2019 09:00

You are obsessing about the bag as she said it will be fiiiiinnnne Grin yes a carrier for her books is common sense but what teenager wants to be faffing with carrier bags and common sense!

Damntheman · 07/06/2019 09:30

Grin Yep you've more than done your bit OP!

For future rainy days, is it not possible to get waterproofing spray from a sports shop and give the canvas bag a good one over? It won't change the look of it at all but it might be less of a nightmare when it rains.

Mrsjayy · 07/06/2019 09:34

Oh god Jelly bags yes them and jelly shoes were fantastic in the rain😂

Cedar03 · 07/06/2019 09:51

Impressed that she's put her coat on OP!

I dared to suggest to DD that she took an umbrella with her the other day. "What do I want with one of those?"

Her response sometimes "Stop being so sensible and coming up with good ideas" Smile

She's only 12, not even a proper teenager yet.

BooksAreMyOnlyFriends · 07/06/2019 10:20

I'm the jelly bag generation too. Mine was white. We did put carrier bags inside but they had to be from 'Snob' Grin

I will give spray a try but it's a sort of soft denim material rather than canvas so I'm not convinced it will work. A carrier bag inside would be perfect.. here I go again! Smile

OP posts:
Mrsjayy · 07/06/2019 10:41

You need to leave it 😁

I remember my Dd taking a Jane Noir carrier bag to school as a school bag the trend didn't last long thing is we hadn'tbought anything from JaneNoir yet thiscarrier appeared Hmm

HammerToFall · 07/06/2019 10:47

Natural consequence - this is what we use to parent. It helps build the synapses in their brain so they can link cause and effect.

Soola · 07/06/2019 10:56

You have the perfect status quo in your relationship with your daughter.

You nag because your experience knows best.

She won’t listen because you’re old and only young people like her know what’s best.

And that’s exactly how it should be.

EssexGurl · 07/06/2019 11:38

My DS has refused to take his raincoat this morning, even though heavy rain is forecast. About 25 min walk each way. He is adamant he is will be fiiiinnneee. I think he knows I don’t have to get younger DD from school this afternoon so is banking on me taking pity if it does pour and collecting him in the car. I have done this occasionally. No chance today!

But yes, I’ve advised, he’s ignored. 13 year olds obviously know best. Although to be fair, the torrential rain forecast hasn’t yet materialised.

Damntheman · 07/06/2019 12:08

What even is this coat refusal?? I never noticed that when I was a teenager :o Have I got this to look forward to? Yikes!

TeenTimesTwo · 07/06/2019 12:45

My 14 yo loves it when it rains as she gets to use her colour changing umbrella. Smile

teyem · 07/06/2019 12:48

What is a colour changing umbrella and why don't I have one?

teyem · 07/06/2019 12:56

Awesome! Thank you.

BooksAreMyOnlyFriends · 07/06/2019 16:07

oooh I like the brolly. I want one for me!

dd didn't get too wet this morning and got home before the torrent started again so at least I'm not having to dry anything out.. until next time... Smile

OP posts:
CurcubitaPepo · 07/06/2019 17:28

Jelly bags! What a blast from the past!! Used to hang my key ring collection from mine!!

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