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What are you reading just now? Looking for holiday recommendations

27 replies

TurnTheRadioUp · 06/06/2019 16:50

I'm ideally looking for something relatively well written and interesting without being difficult (Milkman, I'm looking at you).

OP posts:
shumway · 06/06/2019 17:04

My recommendations are The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo, Biloxi by Mary Miller, Lost and Wanted by Nell Freudenberger, Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli, The Dakota Winters by Tom Barbash, Florida by Lauren Groff, Sight by Jessie Greengrass, The End We Start From by Megan Hunter, A Line Made By Walking by Sara Baume, The Nix by Nathan Hill.

crosspelican · 06/06/2019 17:05

I'm reading Game of Thrones and it's fab. 😳

Arct1cTern · 06/06/2019 17:26

I adored Where the Crawdads Sing and currently reading The Lost Man by the author of The Dry - Jane Harper. It’s really good so far.

MadeinBelfast · 06/06/2019 17:56
TurnTheRadioUp · 06/06/2019 18:05

These look perfect Flowers

OP posts:
sleepwhenidie · 06/06/2019 18:07

I just finished Sing Unburied Sing and I loved it.

Educated by Tara Westover is amazing.

Arct1cTern · 06/06/2019 18:09

Modern Mrs Darcy always does a good summer list.

UnderPompeii · 06/06/2019 18:10

Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Vendy Glander was quite a good read. Also Small Island by Andrea Levey.
I can't read anything too heavy these days but do like a good story so following with interest.

Arct1cTern · 06/06/2019 18:10

I loved Educated.

TurnTheRadioUp · 06/06/2019 18:34

I keep picking Educated up and putting it down again. Is it not very heavy going?

OP posts:
TurnTheRadioUp · 06/06/2019 18:36

Loving the Mrs Darcy list!

OP posts:
Arct1cTern · 06/06/2019 18:37

Not really.

highlandcoo · 06/06/2019 18:54

I'm really enjoying The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne (author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas but completely different) at the moment. Very readable and engaging.

And on these threads I always recommend The Observations by Jane Harris. Funny quirky narrator and intriguing storyline.

Iamblossom · 06/06/2019 19:15

@highlandcoo I absolutely loved the hearts invisible furies

HarryPotterFan436 · 06/06/2019 19:18

I just read The Summer of Impossible Things by Rowan Coleman. I really enjoyed it.

Iamblossom · 06/06/2019 19:23

Cannot recommend Jenny Eclair's books enough. All of them. Even if you hate her as a comedienne. Just sooo good. Great for holiday reading.

Iamblossom · 06/06/2019 19:23

@HarryPotterFan436 loved that too!

Iamblossom · 06/06/2019 19:24

Loved Bitter by Francesca Jakobi

HolidayReads · 06/06/2019 19:25

Anything Rachel Abbott! So gripping but nice and easy

Iamblossom · 06/06/2019 19:25

And anything at all by Belinda Bauer. Love her stories and style of writing. There is always a plot within a plot that just keeps occurring to you long after you have finished the book. So clever.

Iamblossom · 06/06/2019 19:27

Everything written by Amanda Prowse is also very good and very readable. I do enjoy her books they are always focussed on an issue, alcoholism, Sepsis, death of a child...

Iamblossom · 06/06/2019 19:29

And if you want something that will last all holiday, grip you, upset you, make you cry and stay with you for months, A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.

DeadDoorpost · 06/06/2019 19:31

How We Learned To Lie by Meredith Miller
Lord of the Flies
84K by Claire North.

Don't know if they're what you're looking for but they're what I'm currently reading that aren't difficult to understand (I'm also reading The City and The City by China Mieville but that one's a mind bender)

QueenofCBA · 06/06/2019 19:31

I just read East of Hounslow by Khurrum Rahman and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it!

sleepwhenidie · 06/06/2019 23:14

Educated or at all heavy going, I read it in 2 days, totally gripped. A Little Life on the other hand OMG. It’s amazing but harrowing.

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