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Anyone having a week of everything breaking or going wrong??

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flumaflower · 05/06/2019 22:13

So this week the following has happened...

  • washing machine broken (£400)
  • broken work equipment £50
  • rent increase £80
  • missed train £120
  • various other small stuff going wrong £100

Overall it's going to be an expensive week! Anyone else had a similar experience? I think something is in the air... :(
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Hadenoughofitall441 · 05/06/2019 22:14

My life story... not just one week 😩 so I know how you feel

Nottobesoldseparately · 05/06/2019 22:20

Does breaking my own toe and getting a bollocking from armed police count???

flumaflower · 05/06/2019 22:22

absolutely nottobe, oh dear, I've not quite had that level! What happened?

Sorry to hear that Hadenoughofitall, I hope you are staying optimistic??

OP posts:
Nottobesoldseparately · 05/06/2019 22:30

My own fault fluma

I'm clumsy as hell.

And a gobby cow when something a cyclist annoys me.

surlycurly · 05/06/2019 22:36

New car (a week old) clutch completely dying, old car (lease) being refused by man who came to collect it because of service light is on (ongoing issue with said bastarding car hence the new one); ensuing charge. New guttering coming off and having to be completely replaced to discover it hadn't been fixed properly- and of course it needed to have additional fixtures at additional expense. DS breaking himself. DD mentally breaking. Everything that I have asked anyone to do for me at work they have immediately fucked up. Oven refusing to light.

There's probably more but I am simply too tired to think any harder.

Runbikeswim · 05/06/2019 22:38

Yes dishwasher broke and then next morning the shower door flew off the runners and shattered all over my naked ds 😬😬😬😮

Runbikeswim · 05/06/2019 22:38

And the kitchen tiles fell off 😂

ProfessorofPerspective · 05/06/2019 23:37

Petrol strimmer and lawnmower both playing up (mahoosive garden to keep under control) MOT x 2 for two ancient cars, new tumble dryer not working and the dishwasher keeps baking on grit.
Otherwise fine!

flumaflower · 06/06/2019 12:15

I'm sorry to hear others are also having issues! But in a way I am glad it's not just me..... I think this week will cost me £800 or so before it's out - ouch!!

Runbike - I hope your DS is ok? sounds dangerous!
Professor - I hope the MOTs go ok (!). I also have that dishwasher issue - maybe a blocked out pipe or something....

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flumaflower · 06/06/2019 12:16

surly - I have my fingers crossed that things get better for all of us soon - and that you manage to get something warm to eat!!

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BuildBuildings · 06/06/2019 12:22

I feel your pain. Mine is work related. On Tuesday I thought to myself wow things are going quite well. Which was obviously license for everything to go wrong yesterday. Today isn't much better....

Foxyloxy1plus1 · 06/06/2019 13:24

Coffee machine. Broke, was missing for three weeks being ‘repaired’ back for a week, broken again. Less than a year old, replaced two weeks later.
Integrated microwave- £350
Apple Watch- less than a year old, in for repair since May, no idea when it will be back.
Hole in car bumper and front sensors not working (which is why there was a hole in the bumper)

1forAll74 · 06/06/2019 13:32

I have had 40 kitchen tiles fall off,due to a leaking stop tap near a cupboard.that meant water had been seeping behind the tiles. Also my boiler has started leaking badly,new boiler now needed. I have a summer house down the garden,the roof felt got ripped off in the wind,and it rained in,all the inside roof is now covered in black mould, and to top it all, a badger or two,have dug up some of my front lawn.
Oh and last night,one of my cats knocked my best mug off the worktop,and it smashed to bits, the mug was my favourite,it had cats on it !

flumaflower · 08/06/2019 08:15

well my new washing machine came yesterday! although it was a pickle to install, ended up taking 2 hrs rather than 30 mins, but at least we have a new one!! :) onwards and upwards. I think the breaking week is dissipating now.
hope you're all experiencing better times!

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