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Can anyone help identify this toy ?

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WithAllIntenseAndPurposes · 04/06/2019 22:58

My son who is 3 is going on about a toy which he is calling a ? 'Potterana' toy? Saying it was blue ? I've no idea does anyone have a clue what he could be on about?

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FlibbertyGiblets · 04/06/2019 23:06

Can he tell you (ask him tomorrow) where has he seen it; nursery, at the supermarket, on the telly?

keepingbees · 04/06/2019 23:23

Ooh that's cryptic. Can he describe it? Is it a soft toy/vehicle/animal/musical etc

peachsquish · 04/06/2019 23:28

Crazy idea but could it be something to do with paw patrol. If you run the words together and speak quickly it sounds a bit like potter.

WithAllIntenseAndPurposes · 04/06/2019 23:49

He said you get it from the shops which really doesn't help 🤣🤣

OP posts:
WithAllIntenseAndPurposes · 04/06/2019 23:50

And it was blue and broke it's leg apparently 🤣

OP posts:
Qweenbee · 04/06/2019 23:51

Pajanimals? Some of the letters are the same.

< Grasps at straws >

tunabakedpotato · 04/06/2019 23:57

If you google paw patrol broken leg an episode where Chase breaks his leg comes up. There also looks to be some random video on YouTube where they all break their legs!

Chanandlersbong · 05/06/2019 00:05

PJ masks maybe? Just thinking potterana could be him saying pyjamas or something? Good luck OP. My DD used to love making up her own names for things. Would drive us crazy trying to figure out what she wanted!

Lima45 · 05/06/2019 00:05

There's a doc mcstuffins toy stuffie (the blue dragon) with a broken leg.
Kinda of a be a doctor for the toy set. Might be that?

WithAllIntenseAndPurposes · 05/06/2019 00:09

😂I will just have to take him round smyths when I get chance maybe he could point it out

OP posts:
keepingbees · 05/06/2019 09:43

A transformer? Sounds a bit like potterama Grin Just thinking along the lines of 'breaking' it's leg to turn it into something else

WithAllIntenseAndPurposes · 05/06/2019 20:33

He now says it's got a blue face and a pink dress 😂😂😂😂I'm so stumped

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ppwonar · 05/06/2019 20:37


Footle · 05/06/2019 20:40

Invisible friend?

mustdrivesoon · 05/06/2019 20:41

Pepi Nana from Moon&Me on ceebeebies?

slippermum · 05/06/2019 20:42


Notageek · 05/06/2019 20:54

Could it be the silent night Hippopotamus in blue pyjamas ? Thereare also pictures of hippos in ballet tutus that I’ve seen (not sure where!)

WithAllIntenseAndPurposes · 05/06/2019 21:00

I think it may be vampirina thanks the description matches the picture and sounds similar

OP posts:
ppwonar · 05/06/2019 21:50

I've not seen an episode where she's broken a leg but then again I don't watch it that closely! Let us know if he says you are right when you show him a pic!

beachbag · 06/06/2019 07:18

You sure it's not Luna petunia? My 3 year old son starting asking us to watch this every day lately and got upset when we couldn't understand what he was saying. And he was calling it something very similar to "potterana". There's a character with a blue face and dress

WithAllIntenseAndPurposes · 06/06/2019 13:14

He says it's vampirina...when I showed him he said 'that's my potterana toy' and that it's leg broke off and his sister threw it in the bin and I'm lost about that tbh!

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