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Composite Doors - Anyone recently had one fitted?

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Daphnesmate · 04/06/2019 21:06

Okay, has anyone had one of those new style composite doors fitted (the wood effect ones) and if so can I ask how much you paid for the door including vat and fitting please?

I cant attach a link at present but I think anyone who has had one of these doors fitted will know what I mean. I also need a couple of side panels of glass (either side of door) so if anyone has had the door fitted plus two side panels of glass, so much the better.


OP posts:
Hiphopopotamous · 04/06/2019 21:25

Yep I've had some recently, as part of doing all the doors, windows, fascias etc so maybe I got some money off for having so many.
The porch and front door were composite with glass panels either side, around £1200 for the door and glass panels (x2).
In contrast the back door needed to be upvc to fit a cat flap into it, it was quite a bit cheaper (around 700).
All including taking the old ones, fitting and door furniture.

Daphnesmate · 04/06/2019 21:44

Thanks hip, did you go for a door with subtle wood grain effect?

OP posts:
CostanzaG · 04/06/2019 21:45

Ours was £1300 but that was mates rates

Goldmandra · 04/06/2019 21:46

Thanks for starting this, OP.

Watching with interest as we need a new front door with a glass side panel.

WhoopiGoldbergsCat · 04/06/2019 21:52

I had quotes from anything from £1000 up to £2300 for ours!
In the end I found an online composite door company where you design your own door via a really simpke website, choose colour, put in measurements etc. The price was about £620, then got a local carpenter to fir it for me for £200, so saved myself a fair few quid.
I think the company was called online doors direct.

Daphnesmate · 04/06/2019 21:56

Thanks Whoopi, I am sure we are talking about the same sort of door, supplied and fitted...just shows what a variation in price there is, I have been quoted around £1800 (outside London) and beginning to think this is a bit steep (or perhaps are glass panel space is slightly wider than average,) but it probably needs a bit more investigation.

OP posts:
Notsoaccidentproneanymore · 04/06/2019 21:59

Our front door is a Rockdoor. It’s wood effect and dark grey. It just needs washing or wiping once a month. We’ve had it 2 yrs and it still looks like new. We have a skylight, so it was £1400 and took 1/2 a day to fit.

WhoopiGoldbergsCat · 04/06/2019 22:00

I must say also, that online doors direct were fab, no problems at all and really good communication.
Quite good fun designing the door online too, (I'm sad like that!) but it helped to look a different styles and window panes etc.
It took about 3 weeks to arrive from when I ordered it, definitely cheaper this way.

BoogleMcGroogle · 04/06/2019 22:01
  1. Grey with a wood grain effect. It looks lovely, I'm really pleased with it and it's so much less draughty!
Daphnesmate · 04/06/2019 22:11

Hi Boogle, did you have any glass fitted either side? Did you buy from a local company.
Definitely going to look at the online doors website.

OP posts:
Daphnesmate · 05/06/2019 10:53

Posted late evening, anyone about this morning?

OP posts:
skippy67 · 05/06/2019 12:05

We have a Rockdoor. Grey with 2 glass panels and knocker. £1100, and it's fabulous.

Daphnesmate · 05/06/2019 18:37

I'll take a look at their website, thanks Skippy.

OP posts:
WhereDoesThisToiletGo · 05/06/2019 18:42

The painted wood effect ones are lovely.
The ones which are meant to look like unpainted wood look very plastic

Hiphopopotamous · 06/06/2019 06:40

Yes it has a subtle wood grain effect, we had to have a certain colour because there is a covenant on houses in our street which I wouldn't have chosen myself but looks much better than the previous one.

mogglemoo · 06/06/2019 07:01

We had ours fitted in January. Four panels of glass (they told me that the glass chosen is what bumps up the price) to let some light in the hall. It was £1000. Glasgow area.

wheresmyliveship · 06/06/2019 07:07

We went with Value Doors. It’s been about 4 years but looks so smart that some of our neighbours have used them too. Will use them again when we move.

SuperMumTum · 06/06/2019 07:09

I had one last year, it's a lovely dark grey and cost about £1200 but I had it done with a load of other windows so can't remember the exact amount. I've had the call the company out recently to adjust it as it had become hard to open and shut. No idea why. They did it for free (as you would expect) which I guess could be a downside of an online shop?

DramaRamaLlama · 06/06/2019 07:14

Ours is a solidor door it was about £2400 if I recall.

I would have preferred solid wood but from a safety perspective I'm reassured by the composite and it's much less drafty than wood

orangeshoebox · 06/06/2019 07:18

we had a rock door fitted about 5 years ago.
still looks great. and we were able to get a cheaper deal on our home insurance. plus it's insulated and makes a huge difference to the temperature in the entrance area.

costs about 1000£

Defender90 · 06/06/2019 07:22

I've had mine about 4 years now, the going rate then was £1200. It's wearing really well and looks like new.

SkyBluePinkWithYellowDotsOn · 06/06/2019 07:52

Had mine done in March - was £1300 which included a glass panel above the door.
I can't remember what brand it is but it comes with weird keys - you can't get them cut, you have to send off for new ones using a code.

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