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Things to buy in USA for 15yo daughter

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earlydoors42 · 04/06/2019 17:52

Hi, please can anyone suggest things I can buy on a business trip to America to impress my you-tube watching daughter? Or also my son who is 10. Though he is a lot easier to impress! For my daughter I am thinking cosmetics wise and food!

Thank you!

OP posts:
IHaveBrilloHair · 04/06/2019 17:55

No idea about cosmetics, but foodwise, interesting flavours of M&Ms and Oreos, maybe cheese in a can for the fun/gross factor?

Katinski · 04/06/2019 18:44

Cosmetics - I only know Clinique, but praps that's not what you're thinking for yr.15 yr old. If you're near a Sax or other big store,browse the cosmetics counters and buy/blag(!) some samples or travel size cosmetics.
How about a pair of Skechers,tho? I brought some back for a friend last time I was over.
Different flavours of shake over popcorn went down well, too.

CustardD123 · 04/06/2019 19:10

In terms of cosmetics, I've heard that Sephora is the "go to" department store in America stocking a huge range so maybe have a look there?

AlbertWinestein · 04/06/2019 19:11

Sephora and Sour Patch Kids.

mumsiedarlingrevolta · 04/06/2019 19:11

Last time I went DD gave me a list for Sephora so another vote for some nice things from there!

AlbertWinestein · 04/06/2019 19:15

Oh, and Twizzlers!

sergeilavrov · 04/06/2019 19:28

For your daughter, I'd recommend grabbing a Morphe James Charles palette or the Jeffree Star Blue Blood palette, depending on what side of that particular YouTube spat she's on. Or if she's not taken a side, the star mirror from Jeffree with the JC palette? She will probably also like the Kylie Lip Kit, but I'd avoid the new skincare range as it's bad for your skin apparently. Food wise, she might like to try Chicago Mix Popcorn (Garrett's, depending where you're visiting), some of the US oreo flavours (cinnabon, red velvet or mint creme maybe?)

BooksAreMyOnlyFriends · 04/06/2019 19:43

Bath & Bodyworks stuff. My dds are obsessed and everyone who goes to the US gets them some. They particularly like the hand santisers and the holders that clip onto bags.

stucknoue · 04/06/2019 19:54

To be honest they sell the same stuff as here mostly. There's obviously some things but it's a small world these days, I can't think of anything that would be impressive to a teenage girl particularly. We struggled to find anything other than tourist tat that we couldn't buy more cheaply in the U.K.!

Chloecoconut · 04/06/2019 20:01

Definitely a trip to Sephora Smile

Chloecoconut · 04/06/2019 20:03

And if you go in Sephora, fill in their email when they ask you and you get a free tester or two. And if you happen to give them a DOB that’s around that day/month you get more free testers! (You can I sign from their emails later on!)

ElizabethinherGermanGarden · 04/06/2019 20:11

Can teens use teeth-whitening strips? As I understand it, American ones are stronger than British.

IHaveBrilloHair · 04/06/2019 20:21

My teen uses them Elizabeth, though I buy them on Amazon so no idea if the strength is the same as the US ones.
They're brilliant though and really do work.

fussygalore118 · 04/06/2019 20:35

Sephora definitely! I'd stay away from James Charles stuff now, seems to be not so popular ( in my daughter's group now anyhoo!)

Sephora is big.. lots of facepack, skin care.. hair masks etc anything korean/Japanese skincare wise is popular!

sergeilavrov · 04/06/2019 20:41

@fussygalore118 I'm reliably told that he has since "snapped back" and "dragged" Jeffree and 'Tati' for their lies, even going so far as to provide "receipts". I feel very, very cool right now Confused

Sephora and Morphe are good shops for cosmetics though, and the birthday tip is a great one!

GreenTulips · 04/06/2019 20:44

Trainers are cheaper over there

TheSpottedZebra · 04/06/2019 20:46

I came on to say hand sanitisers, especially the bath and Bodyworks ones - but I've been beaten to it. An odd trend, but they are so popular.

And any special edition flavours of M&Ms, Oreos that you can find. But you may get shaded if actually, you can get them in Tesco/local newsagent...

bollocksitshappenedagain · 04/06/2019 20:59

My 11yo loves jolly ranchers

BathshebaKnickerStickers · 04/06/2019 21:48

Victoria’s Secret Undies..?

SlatternIsTrying · 04/06/2019 21:53

I have no idea if it’s “cool” but the Abercrombie and Fitch t shirts I bought for the kids last summer have washed brilliantly.

Sephora is fab although you do have to know what brands to buy.

IHaveBrilloHair · 04/06/2019 23:25

Oh yes, definitely Victoria's Secret, I buy them here for Dd and me but much cheaper in the USA I believe.

Palsof · 04/06/2019 23:33

PInk label from Victoria Secrets is very cool with my DD and her friends. Also Fluff (in a can) - it’s like marshmallow - is popular 😆 Sephora is fantastic and a def go to. Good luck with your shopping 🤑

drsausage · 04/06/2019 23:43

Dill Pickle Lays crisps.

pamplemoussed · 04/06/2019 23:44

I travel to USA every few months and for my daughters , I visit Sephora, Brandy Melville, Victorias secret, bath and body works, gap for undies and nightwear. I stock up on unusual Reece’s pieces from CVS.

drsausage · 04/06/2019 23:44

Patriots shirt and/or Red Sox baseball hat.

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