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Micromanagement at work

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bebeboeuf · 04/06/2019 09:29

How would you define being micromanaged?

I’ve been in my job 4 years, it’s a senior technical role and I’m good at my job so have been left to get on with it and have always produced good results.

All of a sudden (last 6 weeks or so) a new manager has been bought in who I now report to. I originally reported directly to business owner but as the company has grown so have staff levels.

The new manager above me is obviously well qualified for the position but I feel that I’m being micromanaged and rather than being left to do a good job a lot of my time is taken up on filling out additional spreadsheets, additional reports and attending additional internal meetings to discuss processes and training needs.
A lot of these feels unnessecary as it’s just going over processes we all do anyway.

It’s getting quite earring now. I’m part time so feel that my limited time at work should be focused on getting results.

Should I be bringing this to the attention of the business owner or could this end up going the wrong way?

OP posts:
NationalAnthem · 04/06/2019 11:25

I think you should have conversation with the owner - ask questions be curious and interested and then explain the impact it has had on you. Ask if your performance has been questioned, ask them to explain the need for the changes - I think you'll find they needed to get a better grip on processes and the new manager has been brought in to do this and take some of the pressure off the owner - but new processes have positive as well as negative impacts and as a business owner I am interested in knowing both and I am also interested in my staff's happiness and job satisfaction - I'd want to know.

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