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Need some advice

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Crazycowlady2 · 02/06/2019 16:45

Hi girls. I need a bit of advice. For the last 11 months I have been talking/texting to this guy. He is a family friend so we have always been quiet close we talk every day usually about nothing. 3 months ago his attitude towards me changed and we started getting flirty in our messages. We have since grown very close and are meeting each other and going for a drive off somewhere just talking and having a laugh together. I have got genuine feelings for this guy but... I'm 24 and he is 16 years older than me 🤦‍♀️ and I really hate myself for this but he's married.😫 (like really hate myself) he is so lovely and cares for me like no one has before but he has always told me that it's just abit of fun because he can never leave his wife. I've slowly fell for him and now I can't stop thinking about him. Has anyone else been in a situation like this before ? what am I meant to do?

OP posts:
SparklyMagpie · 02/06/2019 16:49

You are meant to back the fuck away and leave him alone.

What a bastard, you continue to go along with it and you're no better either

His poor wife

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman · 02/06/2019 17:47

You back off.
Then you can stop hating yourself and start trying to respect yourself again.

HumptyNumptyNooNoo · 02/06/2019 18:00

Cut all contact and learn from this. Married men are off limits. No compromise ever.

chuttypicks · 02/06/2019 18:16

You are a huge ego boost to this 40 year old man, and nothing more. He's made it clear that he doesn't actually want to be with you and would not leave his wife anyway, so why are you bothering? You must have extremely low self esteem and self worth. Don't continue this farce. Knock this shit on the head before it gets out of hand. He is using you to make him feel better about his midlife crisis. Run away and cease contact as fast as you can. You'll be glad that you did when you're out of the situation far enough that you can see some clarity.

Crazycowlady2 · 02/06/2019 18:31

@chuttypicks I think you are right 😫🤦‍♀️

OP posts:
chuttypicks · 02/06/2019 20:30

I'm sure it won't be easy in the short term @Crazycowlady2 as you'll miss the texts and the excitement but I assure you that it is in everyone's best interests to stop this now. You will regret continuing this flirtation and it could impact on your relationship with your family if he is a family friend. It's a nightmare in the making and ultimately there is no happy ending in it for you if you carry it on - just pain, upset and regrets. You can minimise all of that and keep your head held high in life if you stop it now. Good luck. I wish you all the best. We've all made mistakes in life and hopefully yours is totally reversible at the moment and you can extricate yourself relatively unscathed.

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