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Toilet training please help me

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Fucksandflowers · 02/06/2019 10:52

I am losing the will to leave and starting to get really depressed.

DS is two, non verbal, understands about going to the toilet but he wants to go ALL.FUCKING.DAY.
I can’t get anything done and the noise is driving me insane.

Constant, relentless whinging and whining, pointing to his area or the toilet door.

I let him and he’ll often wee yes but a lot of the time he just wants to mess around, turn the tap on an off, muck about with the toilet seat, climb on the cabinet etc.

As soon as I try to take him out as he doesn’t need the loo he’ll scream, shout, kick out and then start throwing things or shaking the shit out of my baby gate.

Then often will end up weeing or pooing on the floor.

Help me!

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Mac47 · 02/06/2019 12:00

You say 'non verbal' - is he autistic or just not speaking yet?
Either way I would ignore the tantrums, but have in place a visual schedule. It will be a bit of a ball ache for you, at least initially, but use symbols or drawings (mine are shit, no skill required) to draw or map out what the plan is for an hour at a time. So
Drink - Tv - blocks - toilet - snack etc for example, so he knows when the toilet will be happening. There needs to be something after toilet so it has an end. Cross off pic or pull off symbol and post into a receptacle so it is clearly 'drink finished.' Then, 'next, tv' when that is done, repeat the ending and onto the next activity. Once they are all done, reset or redraw the schedule and keep going. It won't work immediately, but it will work, so so try and persevere.

Drinkandknowthings · 02/06/2019 12:51

Could you use a potty so he can go by himself whenever he wants? Not in the bathroom. We have one in the living room and DD messed with it at the start but now it’s lost the novelty so she just uses it when she needs to.

Next week we’re progressing to the actual toilet so don’t know how that will go.

Fucksandflowers · 02/06/2019 15:14

No he isn’t autistic (been accessed), just slow.
He’s nearly three so very late.

That is a good suggestion of the symbols thank you.

No potty I am afraid, we have a no hard toy rule in the living room due to DS throwing everything....
He is quite wild!

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