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Jane Seymour on the British Soap Awards

8 replies

Housewife2010 · 01/06/2019 22:01

She's 68! She was wearing a long skin tight dress and looked incredible.

OP posts:
MyHomey · 01/06/2019 22:05

I thought how amazing she looked too!

Soola · 01/06/2019 22:18

She always looks lovely and she comes across as being a very nice person as well.

JaneJeffer · 01/06/2019 22:24

She looks great but I hate really tight dresses!

FenellaMaxwell · 01/06/2019 22:29

Especially because all of her face still actually moves!

TinklyLittleLaugh · 01/06/2019 22:37

She has proper lines and wrinkles doesn’t she? I mean I imagine she has had some work done but she looks like a beautiful woman ageing naturally.

AlexaAmbidextra · 01/06/2019 23:20

She looks amazing but I remember when she had her first baby and she boasted that she had to be smuggled out of hospital so the other mums didn’t see her as she looked so good she didn’t want to upset them. 🙄

JaneJeffer · 01/06/2019 23:22

OMG Alexa I had to do that too Grin

Halimeda · 02/06/2019 00:17

She was on that celebrity painting thing recently and while she seemed perfectly pleasant, I couldn’t get past the fact that she frames all her own paintings (bland, amateur self-portraits and bunches of flowers) in heavy, gilt antique-style frames, and hangs them in her own art gallery in her house.

She is remarkably pretty, to be fair.

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